Love that has no bounds

Megan Smith poses with daughters Becca, left, and Lauryn, right, at the Riverwalk in Reno.

Megan Smith poses with daughters Becca, left, and Lauryn, right, at the Riverwalk in Reno.

Mother’s Day is an occasion for mothers to sit back and relax and be doted on by their children.

Although, most mother’s say they don’t need to be pampered or have anything specially done, we all know they’re just saying that and love when Sunday is all about them.

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate and say thanks to the wonderful woman who has sacrificed so much in order for her children to have everything, provided unconditional love no matter how badly they erred and is always in her children’s corner encouraging them to do their best.

I know from experience my mother didn’t have it easy raising three girls who were all very strong willed. I look at the life I’m involved in now and see all of the strong independent military wives who are raising their children and sometimes playing the mother and father roll when needed. Even though these women have much going on in the personal life, they still find time to do something special for their mothers, who are sometimes thousands of miles away.

Several Navy wives shared how they show their gratitude to the mothers that have supported them throughout their lives from a far.

Megan Smith has lived in Fallon for more than a year and is experiencing Mother’s Day away from her mother for the second year in a row.

“When we lived in Florida, we used to do a family brunch with my parents, brother and his wife and kids,” Smith said. “But since we moved, the best we can do is to Skype or FaceTime with her. It’s no where close to the same thing but it’s all we’ve got while we’re out here.”

Smith said she has two daughters who spoil her on Mother’s Day. She said she gets to sleep in, while her husband and daughters bring her breakfast in bed.

“We do whatever I want during the day, as a family, I get to take a nap and then I get to choose what I want for dinner,” she said.

Krysten Jackson recently moved to Fallon but has spent several Mother’s Day away from her mother.

“I tend to send a lot of packages,” Jackson said. “This year I’m sending my mom a brunch inspired package with items that were bought locally and a few that I made. She’ll be getting some jams from Lattin Farms, chocolate and homemade biscotti and muffins. We’ll also FaceTime on Sunday.”

Abbey Richey, who has also been separated from her mother on Mother’s Days, said she and her mother make the best of the situation.

“I haven’t been home in so long,” Richey said. “When we would be able to spend it together, we typically would go shopping and grab brunch, but now we’ll FaceTime, and I’ll send a card or flowers.”

Angela Cuff said as a child she and her brother would spend Mother’s Day barbequing with family and give her mom handmade gifts.

“Now, I’m a mom myself and a military wife, my husband and I try to make sure are mothers are taken care of on Mother’s Day,” Cuff said. “We as a family try and send greeting cards with a dinner gift card, or flowers to both our mother’s place of work. We also try to call, to give happy wishes on Mother’s Day. It doesn’t matter how far we are from home our mom’s mean a great deal to us. Our mother’s are our support when military life gets hard. They cheer us on when we need it and give us love from a far. We greatly appreciate our moms.”


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