Primary election guide: Assembly District 40 Republican

John Block

Residence: Carson City

Occupation: Resident agent

Contact Information:

Record of service: Chamber of Commerce; Carson City Cultural Commission; Brewery Arts Center (Chair); Western Nevada College Foundation; Carson City Redevelopment Authority-Citizens Committee; Carson City Historic Resources Commission; and the Carson City Board of Equalization.

Education: Graduated from the University of the Pacific in 1987 with a BA in Liberal Studies.


I have lived most of my life in Carson City and spent nine years in the Reno and Washoe County area. I love this area and have focused much of my life advocating for its betterment. I want to continue to work towards the growth of the community and the State of Nevada. As we pull out of this recession, I want to ensure that we will continue to enhance our quality of life. I look forward to hearing the concerns and other needs of the business community as well as those of the people, As a small businessman, I understand how government can help or hurt a business-friendly environment. I strongly feel that citizen involvement is the key to a healthy community. I’ve spent years studying the history of this region and am committed to protecting and keeping Carson City as the Capital of Nevada.

Phillip ‘PK’ O’Neill  

  Residence: Carson City

Occupation: Retired law enforcement officer 

Contact Information:

Record of service:

• 30 years in Nevada as a criminal investigator and law enforcement official.

• As a division chief, administered a more than $40 million budget.

• Endorsed by Republican Assemblyman Pete Livermore.

• Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Sierra Nevada College.

• Married 17 years to Nancy.

• O’Neill and his wife Nancy have been active in volunteering for the St. Teresa school and church community for years.


Georgetown Preparatory School in Bethesda, Md. Upon graduating he attended Miami Dade Community College. He graduated from Sierra Nevada College with a bachelor’s of science degree in business management


As a fiscal conservative, O’Neill believes the economy will recover as long as Nevada maintains its business friendly environment. O’Neill supports the proven principal of growing and not taxing our way out of the recession. As a result, the economy is starting to recover without new taxes. Revenues for the state have increased resulting in more funds for schools and the restoration of pay cuts for state employees. As a Republican, he believes in the principals of limited government and creating a tax environment where local Carson City businesses can thrive and expand — creating more jobs and more revenue.


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