Letters to the editor for Saturday, Nov. 29, 2014

Washoe School District report interesting

Found Joe Hart’s story on Elkhorn Consulting and the Washoe County School District very interesting. I decided to review a copy of the Investigative Report that he referenced.

Why did six board certified architects need to use the same consultant for the school lock replacement project? Why did they need a consultant in the first place? What are the educational, experience and training requirement needed to be a consultant for the Washoe County School District? Does a “consultant” know more about building codes than six architects?

On page 7 the report states, “The (WCSD) Director of Accountability, Finance and Public Relations (wife of the owner of Elkhorn Consulting) approached the chief capital projects officer (a fellow WCSD employee) to apprise him that her husband, Gary Wright, member-owner of Elkhorn Consulting, LLC, was interested in submitting a proposal for this project as he had prior experience with building code.”

The investigative report explains how much money was involved (over $350,000) and how the contract was awarded to Elkhorn Consulting.

Anyone who wants to obtain a copy of the 13-page investigative report dated March 28, 2013, can do so through the Washoe County School District by calling 775-348-0300 and making a request in writing or email. I recommend that all Washoe County taxpayers obtain a copy to see how the Washoe County School District was spending your money until Pedro Martinez put a stop to it.

Dave Duckworth

Carson City


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