Carson City receives 11 applications for medical marijuana dispensaries

The state Health Division has received a total of 11 applications for licensing as a medical marijuana dispensary in Carson City.

In addition, there are eight applicants to cultivate marijuana in the list for the capital along with four who want to produce edibles and other pot products for a total of 23 applicants.

State law allocates two dispensary licenses to Carson City.

Altogether, 519 applications for different types of businesses have been received statewide, the vast majority of them in Clark County. But no applications for any type of license have been received in 11 of Nevada’s 17 counties. Douglas, Elko, Eureka, Pershing, White Pine and Lyon counties have made it clear they do not intend to participate in the program.

In all, dispensary applicants make up 38 percent of the total received by the Medical Marijuana Program. In all, there are 334 applications for the 66 available dispensary licenses statewide.

Those seeking to cultivate — grow — pot make up another 34 percent. Some 23 percent want to produce edibles, oils and other products.

The remaining 3 percent are applicants for licenses as laboratories that will test and verify the purity and potency of the different products — mostly existing laboratories currently testing other things. Statewide, just 18 applications have been received to operate laboratories testing pot and pot products.

Of the 519 total applications, 363 were filed in Clark County including 135 seeking to open a dispensary — the establishments that will actually sell to medical marijuana cardholders. That county is allotted 40 dispensaries.

Washoe County jurisdictions received a total of 103 applications including 45 for dispensaries. Washoe is allowed up to 10 dispensaries.

After Clark and Washoe, the county with the largest number of applications is Nye where a total of 26 were filed. Of those, six are seeking the lone dispensary license available in Nye. But 13 applicants want to grow pot in Nye County.

Churchill County has received just one application for a dispensary operation. That matches the number the county is allowed under state law.


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