Bowser beer and Char-dog-nay

Who really knows where the road will lead you. On the way to Monterey we stopped at the Posh Puppy Boutique in Rocklin, Calif. It looked like an ordinary strip mall pet store but when we entered I realized we were in dog heaven. The first clue was the antique Louie XIII-style French bed for dogs. It only went uphill from there. I have never seen so many fabulous costumes and accessories for pets. I searched for a costume for Watson but found none he would wear. So I concentrated on all of the other products that Posh Puppy Boutique offered.

I found Bowser beer, a non-alcoholic beer for dogs that contains glucosamine. I also found Chard-dog-nay which is a delicious treat to pour over your dog’s food. The label states that many humans were used in the testing of this product. Both products are healthy and good for your dog.

The really cool thing about Bowser beer is that you can send them a photo of your dog and they will put it on the bottle. Watson, who is a chocolate lab, loved the beefy Bowsers beer. If you are thinking about a holiday gift for your dog-loving brother-in-law, their website is www.

Char-dog-nay is described as the perfect yappy hour cocktail for your dog. I absolutely love the bottle and label. It reads: If you really want to spoil your dog put Char-dog-nay on his/her food. It is the perfect complement to any type of dry kibble and it is easy to apply. Watson gave it a paws up for taste and convenience. Their web site is www.

Jennifer Kirk, the owner of Posh Puppy Boutique was thrilled to learn about CAPS and graciously gave us special Thanksgiving Dog Cookies for our auction at the Murder Mystery Dinner. So, not only will you be able to bid on Bowser Beer and Char-dog-nay but also Thanksgiving dog cookies. Be sure to get your tickets for the upcoming event and check out the Posh Puppy Boutique. Their web site is

I would have purchased the hoodie sweatshirt for Watson, but in reality I know he’d immediately paw it off. I must admit that when birthdays come around I bake a birthday cake for my animals who must wear a hat with their age on it. I also do this for my husband. So far my dogs have tolerated it ... cat and husband: forget it.

My son was mortified when his friends came to our house and I was decorating a cake for the dog. I laughed as all his friends sang “Happy Birthday” to our dog, and had a slice of the cake. My son remembers the event as really embarrassing. His friends remember it as really cool. So there you have it ... only do pet birthdays with people who are not related to you. Its’ safer that way.

CAPS News and Events

Thank you to everyone in the community who provided items for the garage sale, and the volunteers who spent time pricing, organizing and selling. It was a smashing success. You are the reason we have a “no-kill shelter” in Fallon.

On Oct. 11 CAPS will be at Walmart, featuring “Ki,King of the Pucker.” He’s back and looking for his fans. Pucker up because Ki loves his job and looks forward to seeing you. (Of course he loves the chicken nuggets he gets too.) Don’t miss “Ki King of the Pucker” and be sure to pucker up. On Oct. 25 CAPS will present a Murder Mystery Dinner. Last year it was a wonderful, so mark your calendar. We’ll have more details as they become available. Be sure to check this column, our website ( and our Facebook page (Churchill Animal Protection Society).

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This week’s article was contributed by Kathleen Williams-Miller, a CAPS volunteer.


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