Letters to the editor for Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014

Obama failing on tackling ISIS

ISIS could have been put on “ice” if America had a leader. These murderers drove stolen vehicles and military equipment on miles-long caravans, and Obama did nothing, except for political fund trips and golfing. He approved limited “pinpoint” strikes, giving military strategy to ISIS. After beheadings of two Americans, a Brit and a Frenchman, he may stop flapping his lips and act like a leader. He has to because his sidekick, the clown, said ISIS will be chased to hell. Of course this has put so much stress on Obama he’ll put aside the immigration problem until after the November elections. Immigrants mean votes.

He is sending 3,000 military to Africa when these people are needed on America’s southern border, especially now when every Tom, Dick and Harry can come and go as they please.

Now he has bravely approved the bombing of terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Instead of listening to military leaders, he does as little as possible, like attacking a hornets nest with a flyswatter.

One thing he has accomplished — remember his Oct. 30, 2008 comment, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”? His dream would come realty if America became a one-party rule similar to a Middle East democratic state.

America is not a democracy. America is a constitutional republic. Republic: A state or nation in which the supreme power rest in all the citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives elected by them. Democracy: Government by the people, “either” directly or “through” elected representatives.

William Lepore, Sr.


Writer supposes Ben Carson for president

With his approval ratings at an all-time low, the American people have, after six years of disastrous foreign and domestic policies, decided that President Obama is an empty suit. Beyond his narrow vision of the socialization of America (i.e. Europe), he has demonstrated no leadership skills in the matters really needed to keep our country strong and respected by the world. Why do his supporters and mainstream media outlets continue to support such a massive failure of leadership as our great country slides toward third-world status?

Perhaps explained as follows: “Shadow of the leader” is a phrase used to describe a common phenomenon in business or government where those in positions of leadership and power, through their behavior and actions, tend to influence the behavior and actions of those below them, thus “casting a shadow” across the organization. Synonymous is the phrase that “a fish rots from the head down,” meaning that lack of leadership is the primary root cause of an organization’s failure and demise. This is true of any organization, how could it be otherwise?

Both of these phrases perfectly describe the Obama administration, along with a feckless, go along to get along Congress. Fortunately there is help on the way in the form of Dr. Ben Carson, who is contemplating a run for president in 2016. Go to www.RunBenRun.org to learn more about this amazing man who may be the only answer to save America. Join the petition drive to draft Dr. Carson..

Bill Johnston

Carson City

Carson lucky to have Abowd on its side

I can’t vote for anyone running for any office in Carson City, but I do spend a fair amount of time there. Consequently it is a matter of importance to me.

Long before Karen Abowd ran for office, she worked to make Carson a better place to live. It is obvious that Mrs. Abowd’s opponent doesn’t have any real business experience or background in city planning concerning some of the considerations a business takes into account when deciding a move into or staying in a community. Having a walkable and bikeable community is a valuable asset and makes for a healthier environment. There is more to it than tax breaks.

Karen’s opponent’s comment about NHS not having the experience to handle animal control shows a complete lack of knowledge. NHS is a leader in no-kill shelters and creating a no-kill community. It runs all the services for Reno, Washoe County and Sparks.

Most incomprehensible is what appears as a vendetta against Karen’s work in establishing the Green House Project. Not only has it made Carson City more attractive, it is a teaching experience for children and helps provide a substantial amount of fresh food to those in need as well as a model to be emulated and duplicated.

I say you are darn lucky to have someone like Karen Abowd serving your community. Karen is involved and concerned for everyone, not just Ward 1. I do not see where her opponent even holds a candle to her.

Mylan Hawkins


Where did Republicans find money for education?

Kudos to Kelly Jones for the Sept. 28 letter! I have two additions to those comments.

Kelly is right. The Department of Education is a financial disease into which no amount of money will ever cure. The “margin tax,” aka “education incentive,” will only add to this debacle. Now, why does the Nevada DOE need this margin tax?

Gov. Sandoval and his buddy Hutchison recently announced they have “found” $476 million they can give to education — without raising taxes! In a state that is almost destitute right now, where did this “found” money come from?

The only income government has comes from taxes, not bake sales or garage sales. So what previously approved programs are going to suffer because of this “found” money? What existing programs will be eliminated? What existing programs will be severely cut back? Nevada consistently cuts senior citizen programs and children’s programs. Nevada can’t afford to repair its streets and highways. Nevada can’t afford to provide proper police and fire protection. Nevada can’t afford to do anything proactive for its own citizenry.

So, Gov. Sandoval and buddy Hutchison, explain to your public exactly where this $476 million is coming from, program by program and dollar by dollar. We the people know we will never hear any explanations because your political careers are more important than your constituents.

And the beat goes on.

Bob Gold

Washoe Valley

Hey candidates, show me the money

The Sept. 29 Sierra Room face-off between District 40 Assembly candidates revealed a lot about the difference between the two major parties.

Democrat Dave Cook, a retired economics professor and current state board of education member, argued for increased education spending and an end to pay and benefit cuts for state workers. Republican PK O’Neill, a retired state law enforcement officer, agreed with Cook on both counts and even agreed that the proposed margins tax is a bad idea.

But that’s where the similarities between the two candidates ended. O’Neill talked about how tough the 78th session will be thanks to a huge projected revenue shortfall, but pointedly said no to every revenue-raising idea currently being floated. Cook, by contrast, talked about raising the needed revenue by cutting back on a little known tax break for interstate chain stores.

Nevada has low payroll taxes and no corporate income taxes, franchise taxes or inventory taxes. But in spite of these and other tax advantages, chain store prices are no lower here thanks to a federal anti-monopoly law on the books since the 1930s. The result is untaxed windfall profits, all of which leave the state.

It remains to be seen whether Mr. Cook’s big idea survives the inevitable counterattack from retail lobbyists, but at least he can go to the legislature with a fiscally responsible idea to put on the table. It takes money to pay the bills. The voters should be saying to the candidates, “Show me the money!”

Rich Dunn

Carson City

Carson City loses ‘wonderful doctor’

The people of Carson City have just lost a wonderful doctor, Dr. Lee Van Epps. Not only a very competent doctor, but a very kind and caring man who loves being a doctor.

Why, Carson Tahoe? My understanding is there are more doctors upset with you. How many more doctors do we have to lose?

Larry and Joyce Johnson

Carson City


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