Assemblyman Jim Wheeler wants collective bargaining open to public

Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, R-Gardnerville, has requested a bill that would open governmental collective bargaining sessions to the public.

He said the way the system works now both sides bring a whole list of demands that, for the most part, they all know will never be approved.

“They’re just something they’re going to give up eventually,” Wheeler said. “I’m hoping to get the public involved so they’ll actually be able to see what’s going on with their money. It’s transparency.”

He also requested a bill he said is designed to make Nevada judges handling domestic cases — divorces — stop counting a veteran’s disability payments as part of the calculation when dividing up assets.

He said federal law prohibits including disability payments in those calculations but that, “Nevada judges do it all the time.”

He said, however, that money could be used in determining child support under his plan.

Wheeler also introduced a bill that would allow a student to pray at school as long as it wasn’t during class, bothering other students or interfering with school activities.

Finally, he asked for legislation that would have Nevada law enforcement recognize concealed weapons permits issued by other states. He said Nevada recognizes all drivers’ licenses and that his bill would put the concealed weapon permits on the same level.


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