Letter to the editor for Friday, Oct. 10, 2014

Helget wrong about Humane Society

We believe that Lisa Helget is misplaced in her “minor” oppositions to the Humane Society managing the animal shelter.

Our new City Manager Nick Marano has it correct. The current animal shelter is a “pile.” We should all be ashamed. And besides, do you see any other municipal project co-sponsored by private funding like CASI?

Lisa Helget has a point — who is going to do the enforcement of pet abuse, neighborhood issues and basic enforcement of animal issues ... i.e. dog catcher? The Humane Society will have to address this. Or the city manager will have to. Do we shift this to law enforcement to do?

The reality is in our faces. The animal shelter currently exists, and in a city of 50,000 folks is a required unfortunate necessity. The multiple athletic center (“free” extension of the Boys and Girls Clubs) does not exist, yet. The changes to the main corridor of downtown do not exist, yet. Both things are unnecessary in our book.

Let’s fix what we have and get it right. Spending on all this other stuff can wait. Besides, the Board of Supervisors, with the exception of one, seems to be a Board of Spenders, not an elected group that seems to watch our money as you would in your own household.

We hope that Lisa Helget starts telling us what she will do to help Carson City and not tear down progress that seems to be going in the right direction about issues that truly exist right now.

Jim and Kathleen Stemler

Carson City


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