Carson City leads way to Nevada Health and Human Services grant

Nevada Health and Human Services is receiving nearly $489,000 from the Centers for Disease Control and Carson City Health and Human Services has been credited with paving the way for it.

Christi Macke, chief of the state’s Bureau of Child, Family and Coummunity Wellness at Nevada HHS credited colleagues at Carson City’s health unit for plowing necessary ground via an initial and earlier planning grant and establishing a blueprint to proceed.

“They did all the background and leg work,” said Macke. “They did all the heavy lifting.”

The new grant for $488,999 is to implement in the state a process to bill for immunization services, according to a state HHS news release.

It was called important for the sustainability of the safety net public services provide in communities, particularly with new people coming into the system via the Affordable Care Act.

“It will be important that there is a sustainable safety net of health services provided through our health authorities,” according to the release, which listed them as Carson City HHS, Washoe County Health District, Southern Nevada Health District and the state’s Community Health Nursing Program. The release explained the plan is to make sure those seeking service can access care.


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