North Carson City revival? Retail outlets coming near new Taco Bell?

A spot for retail outlets just east of the new Taco Bell on North Carson Street could handle up to five tenants, according to Carson City Community Development Director Lee Plemel.

Plemel said Monday that a drawing submitted earlier at his department envisions 6,000 square foot of space on a retail pad there, which would be just west of the I-580 bypass freeway behind the Taco Bell off North Carson Street, and vehicles would use the same entry from Carson Street as the fast food restaurant. The Taco Bell is located at 4539 N. Carson St.

Plemel said, however, that there as yet has been no request for building permits to proceed.

He also said the builder may be awaiting the lining up of tenants before moving forward to construct a units to suit such business outlets, which could determine the number of outlets warranted.

Carson City’s Chamber of Commerce views the prospective additional retail space as part of a business revival gathering steam in the city. Ronni Hannaman, chamber executive director, was asked if it was indicative of economic recovery picking up in that area.

“Yes,” she replied, “and actually, honestly, I just think it shows what’s happening all over Carson City. It’s private sector investment. The private sector is ‘bullish’ on Carson City.”

She said the Taco Bell that opened in that northern location recently is attracting customers. “It’s pretty busy,” she said.

Hannaman mentioned other construction, both new and rehabilitation, including the remodel of the chamber’s own quarters at its building, which is at 1900 S. Carson St. The chamber and Carson City’s Visitors Bureau formerly shared ownership of and space in the building. But the chamber purchased the bureau’s half when the bureau moved downtown recently, and consequently is changing the interior for new uses.


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