7 Laxalts sign letter backing Adam Laxalt opponent

LAS VEGAS — A group of relatives of Republican Nevada attorney general candidate Adam Laxalt wrote a public letter supporting his opponent, saying Democrat Ross Miller is more qualified to be the state’s top prosecutor.

The letter to the editor published Thursday in the Las Vegas Sun was signed by Laxalt’s aunts, Kevin and Neena Laxalt, as well as his cousins Kevan Laxalt, Kristin Laxalt, Michelle Laxalt, Peter Laxalt and Meggan Laxalt Mackey.

“We can no longer be silent as we seek to maintain the integrity of our home state of Nevada,” the letter reads. “It is our belief that Ross Miller’s documented history of pulling himself up by his own bootstraps and establishing a well-respected career in law and public service while still maintaining a strong sense of family and community constitute the critical characteristics needed for Nevada’s highest legal office.”

Robert Uithoven, a campaign consultant for Adam Laxalt, responded by saying it was disgusting that internal family differences were being exploited in the campaign. He noted that the Laxalt family is large and many other members support Adam Laxalt, including his grandfather, former Nevada governor and U.S. Senator Paul Laxalt.

His mother, who is also named Michelle Laxalt, voiced support for her son in light of the letter.

“Nevada is full of large families, all of whom may not adore one another at all times. I doubt Nevadans are truly interested with family beefs that are not their own,” she said in a statement.

Editor’s note: The letter from relatives of Adam Laxalt appears on page A8 of today’s Appeal.


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