County tax error corrected

The asphalt repairs going on at WNC should be completed this weekend.

The asphalt repairs going on at WNC should be completed this weekend.

The Churchill County Commissioners were filled in at their Wednesday with an overview of the amended property tax bills and the related technical corrections.

Comptroller Alan Kalt said the error resulted in an overstatement of the taxes due on a limited number of parcels with the county that was identified and corrected. He said the system has been tested and rates have been appropriately applied in the amended bills.

Letters have been sent to taxpayers explaining the correction and noting that the credit will be applied to the outstanding taxes, refunds being granted on amounts over $5 or the need to request a refund in accordance with statues.

He said the error was discovered in the apportioned of the fiscal year 2014-2015 tax rate.

“The general county rate apportioned to the seniors center was classified in error as ‘outside the cap’ and ‘not subject to abatement,’” Kalt said. “This resulted in an overstatement of taxes due on a limited number of parcels within the county that received an abatement this year in an amount of $72,932.”

A diverse sample of parcels were selected and recalculated to confirm amended bills were correctly apportioned.

Credits were applied to all affected parcels that had an outstanding balance and this reduced the balance owed, Kalt said.

“For parcels that were paid in full, refunds over $5 have been mailed with the amended tax bill,” Kalt said. “The total amount refunded is $8,084.07.”

For parcels that were paid in full that had a credit of less than $5 a letter was sent notifying them of the statutory provisions of NRS 361.485 4(a) that allows them to request a refund.

Kalt said property owners may request and obtain their refund in cash from the clerk treasurer’s office.

Other items the commissioners approved or discussed include the following:

Approved Bill 2014-E, Ordinance 53, renaming the Churchill County Mosquito, Vector Control and Weed Abatement District to the “Churchill County Mosquito, Vector and Noxious Weed Abatement District.

Approved to note in the minutes that the 2014-2015 secured log changes have been reviewed pursuant to NRS 361.310.

Discussed the repairs and maintenance for Parks and Recreation capital projects with projects to fix the parking area at the administration complex, public parking at the regional park, entry steps at the court house and indoor pool, replace carpet at the court house and shower building roof replacement at the fairgrounds for a total of $63,500.

Approved the agreement between WNC and the county for space in the County Annex Building and authorize the chair to execute the lease agreement.

Approved an Interfund Loan from the Building Reserve Fund to the Debt Service Fund in the amount of $250,000 to support the purchase of equipment. In addition, note that sufficient amount of money is available for the loan in the Building Reserve Fund that is not restricted as to its use; and the loan will not compromise the economic viability of the Building Reserve Fund.

Approved to appoint Lynn Pearce as the designee to conduct the annual meeting and election of supervisors for Lahontan and Stillwater Conservation Districts and direct that the Clerk/Treasurer complete the notification of such designee pursuant to NRS 548.285.

Approved amendment to the Interlocal Agreement for the Western Nevada Regional Youth Center.


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