Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014

Vote no on state question 3

Another tax, really? In 1980 or thereabout, we were convinced that if we voted to allow a state sales tax of only 3 percent we would get in return lower property taxes. In addition, tourist and travelers would help pay the tax burden of Nevadans. When the politicos and special interest groups want more money they just add another 1/8th or 1/4th of a percent because these small amounts tend to not upset too many people at once, we are now about 7 1/2 percent. Some states are around 10 percent and growing.

Now they want a business tax. Only “2 percent” margins tax on businesses that “gross” more then a million dollars. How can anyone believe for one minute that government will keep it at 2 percent? Every time they want more money ... well, you know the answer.

If one is naïve enough to believe they are not going to pay this tax, that businesses will, then they are naïve enough to believe they don’t pay property taxes because they rent.

Business builds “all” cost into their pricing, including taxes paid. Please vote “no” on Question 3. We want to draw more employers to Nevada, not chase them off.

The best way to provide more funding for schools is to stop funding so many giveaway programs. It has been said many ways — when the takers learn they can get more free money by voting for those that will give it to them, our democracy (Republic) is on they way to collapse.

Richard Cornish

Carson City

Retain our current board of supervisors

I am looking forward to having a friendly downtown, great for walking, biking, people watching, shopping and eating. Just as your home can be judged by your front yard, so your city is judged by the downtown. A beautiful, people-friendly downtown shows pride in your city, just as a beautiful front yard shows pride of ownership.

I applaud the present Board of Supervisors, the mayor and all the city personnel who have crafted a wonderful plan for our Carson City downtown. I hope that the voters will keep our present Supervisors in office to continue with the work ahead to make it all possible. I know that I shall vote to keep them in.

Frieda Ford

Carson City


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