Groups must enact better scheduling

It occurs too often when organizations decide — for one reason or another — to schedule their events all on the same weekend.

Several years ago, we took organizations to task that did not consult with the Fallon Convention Tourism Authority or the city to check on conflicts for holding special events.

This year, it appears no one checked and no one seems bothered, which should not be the case.

Four major events are scheduled for the last weekend of September, and all but one of the activities changed their dates from last year.

October recognizes Domestic Violence Intervention Awareness Month, and during past years, local organizers have had activities either on the second or third Saturday of the month. Last year, DVI awareness activities were held on Oct. 19.

Likewise, the Family Fun Day and Recovery Day activities normally have been held the second or third Saturday of September. This year, organizers shifted all activities to the last Saturday.

The first Redneck Shindig to raise awareness for cancer victims and to raise money for two individuals fighting the dreaded disease made its debut last year on Sept 28. The Shindig kept with the same weekend and will have its second annual event on Sept. 27.

A far as we can remember, it’s been tradition for the high school to have homecoming and its weeklong activities sometime in October. Last year, Oct. 18 marked the big game and pep rally.

This year’s homecoming game, though, is Sept. 26.

While these events may attract attendees who would not normally go to the other activities, the message that each event is trying to disseminate to the public will not be as strong as in previous years.

Each group that we have mentioned has enjoyed a focused spotlight on its activities and message. This year, though, four organizations will all share space in the newspaper for preview stories and share a reporter bouncing from event to event on Saturday.

Each event is important, but as we have harped on numerous occasions before, the messages are buried when too many events occur on the same day. If these organizations don’t want to work with the FCTA, then they must communicate with each other to avoid the same congestive problems we’ll see in 10 days.

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