Water in Lahontan Reservoir reaches high water mark

A modern-day view of the dam and reservoir.

A modern-day view of the dam and reservoir.

Enough Water Stored to Cover All Irrigable Land on the Project Depth of Two Feet—Other Items of Interest

The water in the Lahontan reservoir has reached the highest mark yet attained, and the highest mark expect, as now the water is being taken out as fast as it runs in. It measures 82 1/2 feet at the face of the dam. This is a storage of 86,000 acre feet, sufficient to cover all the irrigable land on the Project two feet deep.

O. H. Ensign, chief electrical engineer of the U. S. Reclamation Service, of Los Angeles, was a visitor at Lahontan Thursday for the purpose of inspecting the new power unit. He found it in good shape and ready for operation. This completes the power plant, with three units.

Arrangements have been made for the transmission of 200 more kilowatts over the power line to Rochester, this additional power being intended for the operation of a gold dredger in that district.

E. S. Gorge, clerk in the local Reclamation office, has been transferred to the Shoshone Project, at Powell, Wyo., and will leave for that place Sunday. B. A. Etcheverry, chief of the board of review of reclamation projects, is expected in Fallon July 5 for the purpose of investigating local Project affairs. O. H. Ensign has resigned as chief electrical engineer, to take effect the 13th of July. Mr. Ensign resigns so as to devote his time to the manufacture and sale of a carburetor for autos and gasoline engines, of which he is the inventor.

J. M. Gaylord, principal assistant in Los Angeles to Mr. Ensign, has been transferred to Denver. Edward S. Taylor, district counsel for the Reclamation Service in this district is in Fallon for a few days attending to legal matters. He is accompanied by Mrs. Taylor, and they are stopping at the Overland. The local Reclamation office has received word that payment of the consideration fixed by the court for the waters of Lake Tahoe will be paid in a few days and control will pass to the United States government. The amount is $139,500.


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