Letters to the editor for Friday, Sept. 27, 2014

Negatives outweigh positives in Carson Street plan

I have a worthwhile suggestion for those who will make the final decision on the proposed changes to downtown Carson Street.

Before you listen to the very few retailers who rightfully hope that more pedestrian traffic will enhance their business, before you consider comments from residents who feel the new designs they have viewed (which show five cars on the street) look attractive, before you irrevocably take away the intimacy and charm from what has been designated as part of Carson City’s historical district, and before you make the loveliest section of Carson Street into just another typical revitalized downtown area that can be seen in many cities across the country, you may think my suggestion has merit.

Set up Carson Street so that you can truly judge the traffic flow from Fifth to William streets. Take a few days and see how it works out when drivers traveling down Carson Street find it necessary to merge from two lanes onto one and will be unable to turn right on several streets throughout downtown. Let local residents experience what it will mean to them to have only one lane available. Perhaps some would conclude that avoiding the area altogether would be wise.

I can understand why there are proponents of these changes; however, I believe the negatives, as stated above, far outweigh the positives. In the end, what has been accomplished, but far more importantly, what has been lost?

Andrea Fischer

Carson City


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