CCSD moves forward with HVAC project

The Churchill County School Board of Trustees approved on Wednesday to award Ferguson Construction with the Churchill County High School 2015 HVAC Replacement project.

Construction manager Paul Eskeldson said the work on the HVAC’s at the high school includes projects that need to be completed soon.

Eskeldson said the vocational building needs heat pumps replaced inside the corridor ceilings. He said the units are 27 years old and require increasing maintenance and that the new units will increase energy efficiency.

“The roof-top supply air fans need to be replaced and that will bring in fresh air to the building,” he said. “We’ll also increase ventilation of the art classroom with teacher-controlled exhaust. We’ll add a new exterior make-up air units to replace air currently circulated through the dust collectors in the two wood shops.”

He said one last project for the vocational building is to remove the make-up air unit above the paint booth in the carpentry shop and install a new one outside the building.

The science building is another area that will be included in the project. Eskeldson said the heat pumps will be removed from the original section of the science building that are also 27 years old, he said. New heat pumps would be added on the roof. He said mounting them on the roof will enable maintenance during school hours without disrupting education. New exhaust fans would also be installed in classrooms S9 and S11.

“The fume hoods are no longer used in these classrooms, and exhaust fans will allow teachers to remove any unpleasant odors from the rooms more efficiently,” he said.

Eskeldson said the gymnasium is the last building to receive updates by installing new energy-recovery units on the roof. He said the new units will increase energy efficiency while providing constant fresh air to the locker rooms as required by building codes.

Eskeldson said the work was approved by the board on Dec. 11, 2014, with the project budget to stay under $1.5 million.

Two bids were received, one by Mt. Rose Heating and A/C of Reno and Ferguson Construction. Mt. Rose Heating and A/C had the lowest bid with $1,360,000 and Ferguson Construction’s bid was $1,379,000.

Several of the trustees agreed they would like to select Ferguson Construction’s bid in order to keep the job and taxes local.

Other items the trustees approved include the following:

Approved updated Capital Improvement Plan.

Approved tentative budget for 2015-16.


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