Liberal Myths: We are all equal

The liberal mantra has for years vowed that everyone should be equal. They even sometimes liberals cite the Constitution as support for that premise. As usual, they twist original meanings of the Constitution to suit their own ends, but that is for another time.

In the utopian liberal world, everyone should be entitled to a cushy job, housing, medical care, food, clothing, and transportation (public, of course, those nasty autos pollute). Other than the cushy job part, utopia sounds like the military. Try that one on a liberal. Otherwise, it sounds suspiciously like socialism.

The reality, of course, is much different. First, in the liberal mind, everyone is equal but must ascribe only to the liberal ideas put forth by leaders. But that in itself is contradictory because if you are a leader, you are no longer on equal footing with everyone else. You now have influence on others. When that happens, human nature is such that the leaders begin to think of themselves as above the edicts they proclaim. Also, in this system, once you are in a “class’ you are relegated to that class forever unless you somehow gain favor with the leadership.

That sounds rather Orwellian, doesn’t it? Incidentally, have you ever wondered where the term “Orwellian” comes from? George Orwell was a British author who wrote several books intended to point out the failures of socialism and authoritarianism. His books include “Animal Farm” and “1984” to name the most famous. The term itself is descriptive of totalitarian or authoritarian social conditions. These were written during the era before and during World War II.

Nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than in the liberal wing of today’s Democrat Party. Hillary Clinton has tried very hard to convince us that she is just like the rest of us. Actions indicate otherwise. Most recently, she apparently didn’t want anyone knowing what her emails contained. She chose to flaunt federal law by using her own private email server, then the server is somehow mysteriously wiped clean of all data. There is no doubt in my mind that this was intentional. The reasons will probably be speculated on for some time but she felt confident enough, or afraid enough, to flaunt the law.

This isn’t Clinton’s first brush with elitism. Remember how she tried to convince the country that she was flat broke when she and Bill left the White House? Somehow she managed to buy a $10 million New York mansion while being flat broke. She also stated that she hadn’t driven a car in 20 years. Who pays for her driver? I guess at this point, what difference does it make?

Of course, President Obama is no piker when it comes to elitism. He has the arrogance to tell us we need to conserve because of climate change, then jumps into Air Force One to go golfing at some exclusive resort at an astronomical taxpayer cost. It is only coincidental that on many of his vacations Michelle Obama leaves earlier, with a similar entourage at similar cost. After swallowing a bite of special dry-aged Kobe beef he then says that schoolchildren must eat healthier because that is what Michelle wants.

Liberal elitism is not only found in the Capitol. Hollywood has its share as well. Michael Moore made millions trouncing on conservative principles but won’t share his gains with others. Actors and actresses travel the world in private jets telling the rest of us to worry about climate change. Comedian Bill Maher repeatedly makes inane comments that are accepted as gospel by the left. Comedian actor Richard Brand regularly and venomously derides capitalism after he made millions from it.

Liberal elites apparently view the average American with contempt. This example from Maher in 2010 about average Americans is illustrative;

“They don’t understand the issues. They’re too stupid. They’re like a dog. They can understand inflection. They can understand fear. They can understand dominance. They don’t understand issues.”

Liberals espouse tolerance of others but have very little tolerance for any opposing viewpoint. If you are a Christian, own a business, want less government, want lower taxes, are pro-life or don’t believe that climate change is settled science, you are an ignorant outcast to be shunned. Only if you are an atheist who lives on government services while attending climate change rallies in a search for relevance can you really be “tolerant.”

Tom Riggins is an LVN columnist, and he may be reached at


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