Attempted murder among charges for Webber

Attempted murder is among the six charges against a man allegedly involved in a domestic battery incident on Tuesday.

Jordan Webber, 22, has been booked on four felony charges and two misdemeanor charges with total bail of $146,000. Carson City Sheriff’s Detectives, working with the Carson City District Attorney’s Office, announced the charges on Wednesday.

Webber was charged with the following: Felony attempted murder with deadly weapon, $75,000 bail; felony domestic battery with substantial bodily harm, $15,000 bail; felony battery with a deadly weapon with substantial bodily hard, $30,000 bail; felony false imprisonment, $20,000 bail; and two domestic battery misdemeanor charges totaling $6,000 bail.

As of Wednesday, the Sheriff’s Office stated the victim has been released from the hospital while Webber remained hospitalized in good condition.

In the incident, Webber allegedly attacked a pregnant woman. The Sheriff’s Office stated when Webber was confronted, he released a pitbull that charged the officers. The dog was put down by an officer with gunfire. The report stated Webber then stabbed himself in the throat.


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