Northern Nevada multi-agency operation conducts sex offender registry checks

During the weekend, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office in collaboration with other agencies across Nevada conducted more than 200 sex offender registration checks during Operation Vigilance.

Last Thursday through Saturday, the Nevada Department of Public Safety Division of Parole and Probation along officers from Carson, Lyon, Storey and Douglas counties, Nevada Department of Corrections Inspector General’s Office and the United States Marshals Service conducted knock and talk searches to make sure that all sex offenders were registered with the most up-to-date information in the four counties.

Over the three day event, 226 sex offender compliance checks were conducted with two people getting arrested for violating parole conditions. Officers went to residences where sex offenders were registered to make sure that the current address and other important information such as car and employment registration was still correct.

“It is low key,” said Carson City Sgt. Daniel Gonzales. “We don’t want this to be a huge show of force.”

In Carson City, there were four teams out, three two-men teams who were checking for past registered sex offenders and one four-man team who were looking at sex offenders on probation or parole. However, operations were interrupted Thursday night and Friday when most of the Special Enforcement Team who were conducting the checks were called to help Douglas County investigate an officer-involved shooting. Only one SET deputy with Parole and Probation and the Inspector General’s officer stayed in Carson City to conduct the searches Thursday and Friday.

Though there were setbacks, Lt. Jorge Pierrott of Nevada Parole & Probation said in a press release that the operation was a success for increasing offender supervision and sex offender compliance and serves as an example of how federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies work together to increase community safety in Northern Nevada.

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