A sorry lot of leaders

Donald Trump, the man without a plan — that we know of — is currently the leader of the pack seeking the Republican nomination for president. I would think the majority of Republicans will grow tired of Trump’s performance. That’s what it is, a performance.

Like Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and most Republicans, Trump doesn’t like the Iran agreement, which most of the world believes is a better alternative than war as a means to prevent Iran from building a nuclear bomb. He says he has a better plan but doesn’t want to tell us what it is, for now. That’s the way it is with all his plans — they‘re secret.

He won’t say how, where or when, but he has a secret plan to go in and kick the heck out of the Islamic state, ISIS, and take their oil. Who’s buying their oil? Trump says women will be treated great by his administration, but he wont say what that means. Will he support equal pay for women? Will he support a woman’s right to choose? Will he keep women’s health clinics open? Who knows? It’s another secret.

He won’t tell us if he supports raising the minimum wage. He won’t tell us what he would do about health insurance other than repeal Obamacare. Here’s a surprise, he has a plan which he won‘t reveal just yet.. He says he would make Mexico pay for building a wall along the border to keep all those criminals they are now sending into our country at home. Just how he would make them do that is another secret.

Trump is a joke. Still, about 25 percent of the Republicans support him, Why? Because he is telling them what they believe, They don’t care what his plans are. They‘re wrong, of course. It’s totally ridiculous.

I am not going to comment about Ben Carson. He’s an incredible nasty commentator who has about as much chance of getting the nomination as I have of winning Talladega. Let’s just skip on to Jeb Bush.

One moment Jeb says the Iraq war was a mistake, the next moment he says it was worth it. He rewrites history as he sees fit. He says his brother destroyed al Qaeda in Iraq. It is Obama’s fault they are now back because he pulled our troops out. Which is why he claims Isis is Obama’s fault. Actually what few al Qaeda there were fled to Syria. Isis organized in Syria not Iraq. A minor point to Jeb.

He would have kept our troops in Iraq, sent troops into Syria, and would send troops into Iran to keep them from acquiring a nuclear weapon. He rejects the diplomatic solution. We don’t have enough troops, to do what he wants. It seems to me when it comes to the Middle East you can’t tell George Bush’s policy from Jeb Bush’s policy. They’re the same. War is the answer.

It’s hard to tell where he stands on other issues. I don’t think he’s for raising the minimum wage, he’s definitely not on the right side of women’s issues. He’s been back and forth on immigration. The the last I heard he favored some sort of plan to citizenship. Trump doesn’t care much for Jeb.

Scott Walker, the Wisconsin governor, seems to believe in everything most Republicans seem to believe in. He is against unions-he hates them. He is anti-teachers, anti-workers, anti-the less fortunate, and anti-just about everything women need. He’s anti-choice, anti-equal pay, anti-affordable healthcare, and anti anything else that might raise women to an equal status with men. Trump doesn’t care for Walker.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., is the best looking of the pack. That’s it. He wants to keep in place a Cuban embargo which has been in place since 1961! There is no logical reason to continue a policy that is a outdated as Ford’s Edsel. Why, I would ask Marco, should we have a policy with Cuba that is much more restrictive than our policy with China?

Rubio has flip-flopped more often on immigration than pancakes at IHOP. He does have one thing in common with all other Republicans in the pack; He blames Obama for not enforcing our immigration laws. To hear them

tell it Obama has opened the border and not deported a single soul. Actually, President Obama has deported more illegals than any president in history while adding thousands of border patrol officers. He’s also a poor candidate when it comes to women’s issues, the minimum wage, and the environment. Trump doesn’t like Rubio either.

Glen McAdoo, a Fallon resident, can be contacted at glynn@phonewave.net.


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