100 Years Ago

Fallon has got into the movies. And the pictures will go all over the United States and Fallon will get some of the best advertising it has ever had. The official Lincoln Highway photographers, traveling in three cars, reached Fallon Tuesday and on Wednesday morning the pictures were taken.

About 11 o’clock a busy Maine Street scene was taken showing a great throng of people moving about with autos, delivery trucks, big auto freight trucks, auto stages, and an old-fashioned four-horse stage coach, and hotel buses and horseback riders and similar subjects all hurrying to and fro on business bent. One especially interesting feature was a 20-horse team of Tedford’s drawing five wagons loaded with freight.

It was novel to see the first six horses nearest the wheelers jumping the chains and pulling straight ahead while the other horses ahead of them made the turn at the fountain into Maine street, and then after the last wagon was clear of the corner the horses jumped back over the chains. That will be a feature of big freighting in Nevada entirely new to hundreds of thousands who it is expected will view the pictures.

Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, August 21, 1915

75 Years Ago

Final construction of an airport on the mile-square field southeast of Fallon and near the E.S. Berney ranch is included in proposals recently urged in a state-wide airway planning survey, division of aeronautics, which has been prepared by W.T. Holcomb, assistant state highway engineer. Aim of the program, Holcomb said is, covering a period of 10 years, to provide modern airstrips and landing fields to serve more than 95 percent of the people of this state. The Fallon Standard, Wednesday, August 21, 1940

Registering of aliens is to begin in Churchill county under the direction of postmaster L.S. Allen. Registration and fingerprinting is compulsory under a penalty of $1,000 fine or six months imprisonment or both.

The Fallon Standard, Wednesday, August 21, 1940

50 Years Ago

Be at the finish line for the thrill-packed conclusion of one of America’s most exciting racing events…Harolds Club’s 2500 mile cross country trophy dash from Clearwater, Florida to Reno. Be on hand as these daredevils of the sky scream across the finish line for the richest purse in air racing history. You’ll also see an aerial preview of the four day National Air Races. See it all at the Reno Municipal Airport, Labor Day. Fallon Eagle-Standard, Friday, August 27, 1965

The Churchill County Telephone and Telegraph system is the only one in the United States that is owned by the county which it serves faithfully 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The system was purchased in 1889 from Western Union for $975 and it remained a telegraph system until 1896 when it went modern. Crank telephones were installed.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Friday, August 27, 1965

A View From The Past…stories from the Churchill County Museum & Archives, researched and compiled by Margo Weldy, Churchill County Museum Assistant.


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