Carson City Sheriff’s Office honors employees of the year

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office honored some of its finest Wednesday in an awards ceremony.

Deputies and employees of the Sheriff’s Office gathered in the Ormsby Room at the office for their end of the year awards. Members of the department nominated the employees who they felt deserved recognition for their hard work and dedication to the job.

“It is individual recognition time because so many do so much in this department,” said Sheriff Ken Furlong. “The reality is that no one acts alone in this department, everyone’s actions impact everyone else.”

Employees in the department anonymously nominated their colleagues and a committee within the department met at the end of November to determine who won. Each winner received a glass trophy and $500 for their accomplishment.

Many winners were surprised that their colleagues and peers had selected them for each award. Lt. Brian Humphrey, who won Supervisor of the Year, said that he wasn’t expecting to be considered because there are so many other people in the department who work just as hard as he.

“Receiving the Supervisor of the Year Award wasn’t the result of what I have done, it is the result of everyone I supervise and work with who are doing the hard work that put me in the position to deserve something like this,” Humphrey said. “There are so many people in this department who all work so hard every day, all year and so I am very honored that someone considers me to be recognized.”

Along with Humphrey, V.I.P. worker Shirley Gibson won Volunteer of the Year; Jason Olson, crime scene investigator, won Civilian of the Year; Deputy Kip Lee won Sworn Employee of the Year; and the dispatchers won Team of the Year. Sgt. Scott McDaniel read off some of the nomination sheets, and words like “hardworking,” “positive attitude,” and “committed” were among the popular words used to describe the winners.

One of the most important awards went was the Deputy of the Year Award, which was granted to fallen deputy Carl Howell, who was killed in the line of duty in August. McDaniel said that committee had deliberated and decided that Howell deserved more than just the award for his sacrifice. Instead of the glass award, Howell received a plaque with his picture, end of watch information, under was the picture from Howell’s last Facebook post that read “I was born for this, I will live for this, I will die for this.”

Undersheriff Steven Albertsen said they were planning on using the space at the front desk where the office usually keeps trophies and memorabilia and revamping it into a memorial where the Deputy of the Year Award, among other items, will stay.

“You have all made it a successful year, even after suffering unfortunate circumstances,” Furlong said to the crowd. “Congratulations to everyone because there are an enormous number of folks who do a good job.”


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