Four Carson City businesses cited for selling alcohol to minors

Four Carson City businesses failed an “Alcohol Sale to Minors Compliance Check” held recently by the Carson City Sheriff’s Office.

Of the 28 local businesses that were checked, four failed to fall into compliance: The Blue Bull, 107 East Telegraph St.; Firkin & Fox bar, 310 South Carson St.; Terribles Gas Station, 4640 South Carson St.; and AM/PM, 4340 North Carson St.

The check was completed by the Sheriff’s Office Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws Team and consisted of two deputies and one underage decoy. The decoy was sent into businesses using his/her actual identification. The decoy then attempted to purchase alcohol from an employee.

EUDL routinely conducts these checks to ensure businesses are not selling or serving alcohol to minors.

The Sheriff’s Office also conducts “server training education” in cooperation with Partnership Carson City to local businesses.

Businesses wanting to send employees to these training sessions, can contact Linda Lang at 775-882-6674.

The result of a employees selling alcohol to a minor is a citation with a fine of $642 and a requirement they attend server training. For the business it’s a $100 fine on the first violation. A second violation carries a fine of $500, and a third violation is $1,500 with the business owner being required to appear before the Carson City Liquor Board. A decision by the board could potentially lead to a loss of the businesses liquor license.


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