Churchill County Museum celebrates local artist

Edith Isidoro-Mills stands proudly in front of her macro photographs.

Edith Isidoro-Mills stands proudly in front of her macro photographs.

The Churchill County Museum will have Edith Isidoro-Mills photography exhibit displayed until Thursday.

Isidoro-Mills was born in New Mexico and moved to Fallon in 1985 for a position at the horticulture extension at the University of Nevada, Reno. She also has a passion for horticulture and photography and discovered it at a very young age.

“My great aunt was the one who encouraged my artistic side,” Isidoro-Mills said. “My grandmother captured my interest in gardening and my mother shaped my appreciation for the arts.”

Photograph curator Barbara Hodges said the museum is proud to support local artists and showcase their work.

“We love bringing in local artists work and highlighting the incredible job that they do,” Hodges said. “Edith has amazing macro photographs that she takes of the Nevada nature.”

While attending garden writers conferences Isidoro-Mills found individuals get paid more for taking pictures than for writing articles for a magazine. She said after finding out that information she started to hone in on her skills.

She took photography classes at Western Nevada College for two semesters to help her master the art.

“That’s when I really feel in love with taking photographs, especially macro shots,” Isidoro-Mills said. “A macro photograph is just a very close up of an object … it allows you to see all of the details that the object might have.”

Isidoro-Mills said her photographs are filled with beautiful gardens with flowers that have many colors.

“I love colors … the more colors the better,” Isidoro-Mills said.

Isidoro-Mills’ photographs are for sale; if interested contact her at 775-867-3099 or email her at She also has a website,


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