Bull sale brings in more than $400K

When the last Valentine’s Day gavel fell, 72 high quality Angus, Charolais, Hereford, Murray Grey Long Yearling and 2-year-old bulls brought a whopping total of $411,500, with a sale average of $5,715 “across the board.”

Breed averages included: 48 Angus for $6,218.00; 5 Charolais for $4,250.00; 17 Herefords for $4,856.00; and 2 Murray Greys for $4,625.00. Twenty-two bulls were 17- to 19-months old bringing an average of $5,943, while 50, 21- to 25-month-old bulls brought an average of $5,615.

Ed and Josh Amador of Amador Angus received $8,100 for the high selling bull of this year’s sale, purchased by Emilio Collado of Bishop, Calif.

John Keithley of Pinenut Livestock Supply in Fallon sponsored the award hats, plaques and also the 2015 FBS official lot number eartags, which are awarded to each Best of Breed (for which there are two or more consignments) and the Top Overall Range Bull.

David Holden of Westwind Ranch Angus had both the top overall range bull and the best Angus of the sale all rolled into one, which was purchased by Maureen Weishaupt of Fallon for $7,000.

Dan and Teresa Daniels of the Daniels Hereford Ranch bull was judged Best Hereford taken home by Bret Selman for $5,000; Jerry and Sherry Maltby of the Broken Box Ranch were awarded the Best Charolais purchased by Pete Delmue for $4,750. Mike and Gaylene Lowry of the 7 Lazy 11 Ranch had the Best Murray Grey selling to Kent Pascoe for $4,750.

Mickey Jarvis of Bishop was tied with the Jackson Ranch in Gerlach for the Volume Buyers’ Award for number of bulls purchased at seven bulls each. However, Mickey Jarvis’ seven bulls were priced in the “Few Dollars More” category to also rank as the Volume Buyer Sales Award. They will receive a specially embroidered jacket in appreciation for their participation in the 2015 Fallon All Breeds Bull Sale.

Bernard Petersen and Bruno Bowles of the Great Basin Ranch/Southern Nevada Water Authority were the sponsors of the yearling 2015 Angus Replacement Heifer “Raffle Calf” that was won by Mike Merkley of Fallon. Larry Lester of Hoof-Beat Gates and Corrals again sponsored four 12-foot panels as the raffle calf display, which were won by Todd Moretto.

This year the Raffle raised $3,520, which is split equally to benefit both the Churchill County FFA and the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association’s scholarship funds. Raffle tickets were sponsored by Jeff’s Digitex Printing of Fallon.

To lend support to the work of the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association, Ed and Carlene Amador brought the Valentine’s Day spirit alive with their donation of one-pound of “Mrs. Mary See’s” delicious chocolates that went to someone’s special Valentine after being resold three times to raise $145. Stix Cattle Company sponsored the “Dues/Donation Calf,” which was resold 20 times to bring in an additional $7,650.

Each year Billy Lewis and Gaylene Hybarger organize the Invitational Stock Dog Trials and auction with proceeds going to benefit a family’s fight against cancer.

Two started Stock Dogs brought $6,000 through the event and auctioned to assist an Oregon family.


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