Two more arrests made in Carson City area burglary ring

Tracey Lock

Tracey Lock

Carson City Sheriff’s deputies have arrested one of the men they believe is a leader of the ring who has committed numerous burglaries in Carson City, Douglas and Washoe counties over the past six months.

It’s also been reported Washoe County Sheriff’s Detectives have arrested Drake Van Cleave, 50, another key suspect in the burglary ring.

Around 7:30 Wednesday night, Washoe County Investigators along with Parole and Probation arrested Van Cleave it was reported. Van Cleave is the sixth person arrested in the case.

Tracey Lock, 40, was taken into custody Tuesday by Carson City detectives investigating the case.

“It is our intent not only to grab those people who were climbing through the window but the drivers and others associated with this crime,” he said.

And Furlong said the list of people being sought is growing. He said those involved are believed to have committed more than 30 burglaries since last summer.

Lock was booked on three counts of burglary, one of maintaining a drug house and possession of meth as well as paraphernalia.

All except the possession charge are felonies and he’s being held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

According to the arrest report, he told detectives he committed close to 18 burglaries in the area to feed his meth and gambling addictions.

Four others were arrested a week ago on a variety of charges. Travis Lieberwirth, 37, and Brian Madsen, 34, were held in lieu of $25,000 bail. Lieberwirth was charged with possession of stolen property and conspiracy.

Madsen was charged with attempted burglary and possession of stolen property.

Crystal Bullock, 31, was charged with possession of meth and child endangerment. Her bail was $2,500.

Rachel Strull, 28 was charged with two counts of maintaining a drug house, possession and use of drugs with $10,000 bail.

Furlong said he’s pleased with the progress on the case and his department still is working closely with law enforcement in Douglas and Washoe counties. He said more suspects are expected to be identified in the case in the near future.


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