Nevada Legislature: Bill to restrict gun ownership introduced in Senate

Debbie Smith

Debbie Smith

Sen. Debbie Smith’s bill to bar those convicted of domestic battery or stalking from owning of possession guns was introduced in the Senate on Monday.

Sen. Pat Spearman, D-Las Vegas, handled the introduction of SB187 for Smith, D-Sparks, who is still absent, recovering from surgery.

Spearman said she is optimistic that the measure will win bipartisan support from lawmakers and become law.

The bill makes the now optional requirement that someone convicted of domestic violence surrender or sell their weapons mandatory but provides a limited exception for those who need a firearm as part of their employment.

It raises the penalty for violating an order to surrender or sell weapons from a gross misdemeanor to a category B felon. The restrictions also apply to anyone convicted of stalking in Nevada or elsewhere.

Similar legislation introduced in 2013 and aimed at preventing the dangerously mentally ill from buying or having firearms failed to win approval.

SB187 was referred to the Judiciary Committee for study.


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