View from the Past

100 Years Ago

Farmers and freighters frequently comment on the great convenience of the public fountain at the intersection of Maine street and Williams avenue kindly provided by the ladies of the Draper Self Culture Club for the watering of horses. It is impossible to estimate the number of thirsty horses that drink daily at this fountain.

Teamsters bring their freight horses to the fountain early in the morning, boys and girls who ride and drive to school water their horses at the fountain, while farmers and travelers find it a most convenient place for the quenching of the thirst of their steeds. Autoists stop to fill their radiators. The fountain was designed and built by our local contractor, Andres Hendrickson, hence it is entirely a home product, and one of which the city and county may well feel proud. Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, February 27, 1915

New Arrivals…Spring Amoskeag Ginghams, 10 cents, 25X50 inch Heavy Turkish Towels, 30 cents, Silk-finish Fine Gauge Sox, 2 for 25 cents.

Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, February 27, 1915

75 Years Ago

There will be no fishing this year at Lahontan Dam until the first of May, it has been announced here by Allen Powell of the state fish and game commission. The commission, Powell said, has discovered that the 1939 amendment to the state fish and game law, omitted Lahontan reservoir from the list of Western Nevada lakes that will open on March 1. A 1937 amendment had advanced the opening date from May 1 to March1. The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, February 24, 1940

It’s leap year, open season on bachelors, so if you: want to get married, remember that if clothes don’t make the man, at least they help. Hours spent before the mirror may inspire vanity, but they’ll pay big matrimonial dividends…want to stay single, be cautious, evade feminine companionship. Develop a grouch, don’t answer the phone…if you are married, make yourself comfortable, and develop sympathy for the plight of your unfortunate friends. The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, February 24, 1940

50 Years Ago

Sophia Binger would git married only she hates to quit her job to go to work…Zed Peter’s wife’s new coat makes him see spots, five spots and ten spots…Every time Tubby Tyler rasstles with his conscience he gits throwed. Uncle Charlie’s “Epigrins” by Rev. Charley Grant

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Tuesday, February 23, 1965

Elegant white chess men against a black backdrop and a speakeasy atmosphere of soft light will be the setting for the annual Hospital Auxiliary Benefit Ball to be held Saturday evening at the National Guard Armory…On February 4th a meeting of the Nevada State Nurses Association met for dinner at the Stockman’s in Fallon…New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller has offered the use of his state’s pavilion at the World’s Fair to any non-professional performing groups from Nevada.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Friday, February 26, 1965

A View From The Past…Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives, researched and compiled by Margo Weldy, Churchill County Museum & Archives Assistant


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