Mo’z Motley Blues lives up to name

Mo'z Motley Blues perform 7:30 p.m. Jan. 30 at Flight Restaurant in Minden.

Mo'z Motley Blues perform 7:30 p.m. Jan. 30 at Flight Restaurant in Minden.

With nearly a century’s worth of cumulative experience, Mo’z Motley Blues lives up to its name.

Comprised of five experienced musicians, they come together to create a style all their own.

“Considering how young we all started, each of us has performed for 20 years at least in various groups,” lead vocalist Monique De Haviland said. “Mark and Andy (guitarists) probably have the longest music history starting with classical music, and are now master guitarist/string instrument experts, involved in live and studio projects. Reuben has been in a large production Prince review band in Minneapolis and is a very rhythmic player with roots in Motown and soul (he was born in Detroit), Samantha was raised in Latin America for part of her childhood being exposed to those fiery grooves which makes our band pulse unique.”

The band first played together years ago while being involved in other projects.

Last summer, the members came together permanently to form Mo’z Motley Blues.

“The Motley in our name indicates that we like a variety in our choice of songs we write or cover. We have all evolved through many styles in our cumulative careers,” De Haviland said. “We aren’t just a blues band, we just incorporate elements of blues in all of our sounds which gives us a soulful edge in rock ‘n’ roll, and we sound different from other cover and original bands.”

The band is working on original recordings for an album to be released this year.

“We have enough for an album, songs I wrote on other projects that I will be remaking, some we have collaborated on and new creations,” De Haviland said.

“Like many groups the focus is on the best material which is then promoted and published on social sites for the general public. The age of buying CDs is sadly going away as downloadable files become the norm, but we hope our friends and fans here and overseas will be compelled to buy a tangible hand held disc.”

Some of the band’s area music venues are Flight Restaurant, Jethro’s, Wild River Grill, Topaz Lodge & Casino, private parties and festivals –such as Kirkwood Plaza concerts, Minden and Carson wine walks, Mill Park, Minden Park, CVIC Hall and others.

“Our long term goal is to play concerts of our own music, but we enjoy performing classic rock, pop, blues and country covers everyone likes to listen and dance to,” De Haviland said. “We try to keep a quality songlist. There are some negotiations with the promoters of Jazz in the City in Austria where I went to high school for next September.”

Their next performance is 7:30 p.m. Jan. 30 at Flight Restaurant in Minden.

Along with De Haviland members of the band include: Samantha Moore on drums and bass; Andy Thompson on guitars and vocals; Mark Cromer on guitars and vocals; and Reuben Thompson on bass, drums and vocals.

To hear Mo’z Motley Blues visit, or on iTunes under Mo’z Motley Blues, Monique De Haviland, or Out of Bounds.


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