Schurz man, 26, sentenced for City Liquor robbery

Aaron Plummer

Aaron Plummer

A Schurz man was sentenced up to 14 years in prison Tuesday in District Court stemming from a terrifying robbery in January.

Bryan Aaron Plummer, 26, was given consecutive sentences for robbery and false imprisonment despite no criminal history after the Jan. 11 incident at City Liquor.

Churchill County Chief Deputy District Attorney Lane Mills said Plummer, who is suspected of having gang ties, entered the store twice and threatened Shauna Stelling, who was on duty as a clerk.

Upon Plummer’s second entrance into the store, he wielded a baseball bat and attempted to break open the register. He was unable and threatened Stelling into opening the register to retrieve more than $650.

Plummer then locked Stelling in the bathroom.

“He forces the victim into the back of the store,” Mills said. “She doesn’t know if she will be killed, hurt or what will happen.”

Authorities made contact with Plummer, who was identified because he was wearing the same clothes as in the video recording at the store.

Fallon police Capt. Ron Wenger said in a previous interview evidence left at the scene directed police to Plummer’s identity.

Mills, meanwhile, emphasized to the court the stress of the incident on Stelling, who is still suffering from the robbery.

“This crime … had a massive impact on the victim,” he said.

Plummer’s attorney, Charlie Woodman, argued vociferously against his client having gang ties. He said the crime was not gang related and stressed Plummer’s lack of a criminal history, which doesn’t include any misdemeanors.

However, Woodman said the crime was a “horrible thing” and his client wish he could turn back the clock. Woodman added Plummer has been tortured by his actions.

Woodman, again citing his client’s lack of criminal behavior, asked for concurrent sentences and that Plummer is “really not that bad of a person.”

In addition, Woodman said giving consecutive sentences would be a roll of the dice in prison, which may turn out a more dangerous person than when Plummer went in.

“If we hang him with all this time, as the state wants, where’s that get us?” Woodman asked. “We run the risk he comes out a far worse person that he is.”

Stelling, menwhile, took the stand and detailed how her life has been forever altered due to the attack. She said she was fired the next day and didn’t leave her home for nearly two months.

Stelling said she suffers from anxiety and sought out help from a mental health clinic. In addition, Stelling panics whenever someone approaches from behind.

As for Plummer and not inflicting physical pain, Stelling said she could care less no physical harm was done.

“I could give a crap that no physical harm was done,” she sobbed. “If I could’ve taken a broken leg over the emotional pain, I would have.”


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