High tech music for cats

I just love science, and I’m always thrilled when I read studies related to animals and how they think. It’s about time we humans try to understand the creatures who make our lives so much richer. When I happened upon an article by Dr. Charles Snowdon, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I couldn’t resist reading it and then listening to cat music.

To quote Dr. Snowdon, “Cats are not humans and humans are not cats and it is important that we humans, as the servants of cats, be aware of the difference.”

That said, Dr. Snowdon and his colleagues developed a theory that suggests species other than humans can enjoy music but the music has to be in the frequency range that the species uses to communicate and with the tempos that they would use.

To create cat music, the research team tried to mimic natural cat sounds, using sliding notes and high pitches. Cat calls tend to be an octave or more above human voices. The tempo of the music was based on purring or suckling sounds. The results of their collaboration can be heard at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh9SBfdnMec.

The scientists concluded the study by playing the music to 47 domestic cats and recording their reactions. When the music was playing, the cats turned their heads toward it or walked to the speaker. This reaction is interpreted as positive, showing the cats had a preference. So is music for cats?

According to Dr. Snowdon, it’s the cat’s meow, literally. Hopefully everyone found their home.


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