Carson City’s Joining Force works to reduce speeding

The Carson City Sheriff’s Department held its June Joining Forces event Friday, aimed at reducing and teaching residents about speeding.

During the event, any speeding or traffic infraction the patrol deputies observed resulted in a ticket. A special unit comprised of various members of the Sheriff’s Department Patrol Unit participated in the event to try to educate residents on the dangers of speeding, as well as other traffic infractions such as not stopping at stop signs and cell phone use.

“We are really making an impact with these events,” Sgt. Scott McDaniel said.

McDaniel said since starting Joining Forces, deputies have seen a decrease in big problems such as speeding.

“It has been weird, we aren’t getting as many infractions anymore as we used to,” McDaniel said.

Many of the deputies feel as if they are really helping people in the future with these Joining Forces events.

“Though people may not like us for giving out more tickets than citations during these events, they remember it for the future,” Deputy Jessica Chrzanowski said. “They remember it for the future, which ultimately makes our streets safer for everyone.”

During the Joining Forces event Friday, deputies patrolled Carson City, targeting areas where they see a lot of violations and traffic.

Joining Forces is a multi-jurisdictional program that aims to reduce and educate the public on major problems such as distracted driving, speeding, and pedestrian safety. The program is paid for through grant funding provided by the Nevada Department of Public Safety-Office of Traffic Safety to pay for the extra deputies who are out to enforce speeding.


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