Jorgensen continues to shine

Former Fallon standout Haley Jorgensen led the St. Mary's women's tennis team in wins this season.

Former Fallon standout Haley Jorgensen led the St. Mary's women's tennis team in wins this season.

It’s not everyday someone from Fallon reaches the collegiate tennis platform.

For Haley Jorgensen, she’s enjoying the spotlight at Division III Saint Mary’s in Minnesota. The ex-Greenwave star completed her second season after making a jump from No. 6 singles to Nos. 3 and 4.

“This season was by far the most challenging season I have faced yet,” Jorgensen said.

Jorgensen spent more time fine-tuning her game this season and noticed a significant difference in competition. While the No. 6 singles players tend to be more conservative with power and finesse, Jorgensen said the higher seeded players have an arsenal of weapons.

“The girls who play No. 3 or 4 singles hit with top-spin, slice and power, and can hit flat,” she said. “On top of all that, they are very consistent. I think I rose to the occasion.”

Jorgensen had a strong sophomore season, which she credits to the offseason work when she visited Fallon last summer. She consulted with a former teammate, Adam Wadsworth, and was able to develop a stronger forehand and more complicated strategy.

“My freshman year of college my strategy was just get one more ball back in than my opponent,” Jorgensen said. “My strategy this year was play defense until you see an opportunity to play offensively. With more focus on ball placement and that strategy, I was able to win against girls from schools that had previously crushed me the year before even though I was playing higher in the lineup.”

Saint Mary’s coach Jeff Halberg recalled telling Jorgensen after her freshman year what she needed to do to make a difference when she came back.

“She really buckled down and worked hard to prepare herself for her second collegiate season,” Halberg said. “I cannot say enough about Haley’s dedication to her game and her team.”

Jorgensen ranked No. 1 on the team in singles wins (13-9) this season but she wants more this coming fall. She plans on honing on the little aspects of her game, including serve, volley and forehand.

“Next year, I’m hoping to come back to Saint Mary’s University with more skills and experience than when I left during May,” said Jorgensen, who also posted a 9-12 record on three separate doubles teams. “I also want to improve as a team next year and I think personally improving is a good place to start with that.”

Jorgensen isn’t afraid to challenge her peers, either.

“If I become a better tennis player, it means I can challenge those who play ahead of me in the lineup and I can help those who are below me,” Jorgensen said. “Ultimately, my goal is to just become a better tennis player and to keep improving each season.”

Halberg can’t wait for Jorgensen’s junior season.

“I am anticipating even greater things from her next season,” he said. “Her work ethic and the experience she has gained these past two years will make her very hard to beat this coming season.”


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