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Fallon teen Morgan Rowe prepares for her upcoming pageant in July held in Los Angeles.

Fallon teen Morgan Rowe prepares for her upcoming pageant in July held in Los Angeles.

A Fallon teen is preparing to compete in the National Miss Amazing Pageant coming up in July in Los Angeles.

Morgan Rowe, 14, currently holds the Miss Amazing Jr. Teen 2015 title. The Miss Amazing Pageant celebrates the abilities of girls and women with disabilities. The pageant was created in 2007 by Jordan Somer who wanted to enrich the lives of people with disabilities while also giving back to the community.

Rowe was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder at the age of three, which is a type of autism. Her mother, Kristina DuMond, said that even with her diagnoses she has strived in all that she does.

Rowe has developed the love of competing because she is able to be her self and interact with girls that also have disabilities.

“I have made a lot of friends while doing this pageant,” Rowe said. “I feel a since of belonging since the kids in the pageant have disabilities like myself. I wanted to be part of pageants because I want other girls with autism and other special needs to know they can be anything they want to be, including a queen.”

Rowe said she wants to represent her country and prove that girls like her can accomplish anything they put their minds to.

With holding the title of Miss Amazing Jr. Teen 2015, Rowe is required to make appearances at different events. She helped out at the Reno Special Olympics and the Reno Rodeo Parade. Rowe and two other girls are preparing to sing the National Anthem at the Reno Aces game in August.

“I love to sing,” Rowe said. “I’ve been singing for a few years now and it’s something that I really enjoy. I think I just love to perform and singing allows me to do that.”

The multitalented Rowe not only strives in pageants and singing but is also a talented cheerleader. She has been on the Reno Elite REmarkable team for several years now. She has also performed in plays, her most recent play was with Rising Sun Gallery in Sleeping Beauty: Tale Told off the Wall.

“In life something’s you just need to practice, but you need to continue to practice and never give up on what you want or your dreams,” Morgan Rowe said.

DuMond said when potential is limited growth is not made and that is something she didn’t want to do to her daughter. She said she is proud of her for pushing herself and stepping outside of her comfort zone to achieve her goals.

“Having programs like this (Miss Amazing Pageant) is integral for personal growth and development.” She said.

Rowe’s father, John, a sheriff’s deputy for 23 years said he couldn’t be more proud of his daughter who he says has grown into a smart, mature woman.

“She has made so many friends from cheerleading and pageants,” John Rowe said. “She”s not only making great friends but she’s also keeping her grades up, she was on the B honor roll for her eight-grade year.”

Rowe and her family want to bring awareness to the Miss Amazing Organization and the opportunities it’s bringing to girls and women with disabilities. For information on the organization visit and to help get Morgan Rowe to nationals go support her at


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