Lyon County Detention Center inmate dies Wednesday

A Lyon County Detention Facility inmate died Wednesday after being found not breathing and unconscious in his cell.

Dylan Wanderer, 23, had been arrested on burglary and destroying property charges on June 23 and was being held at the detention center, according to a press release from the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies found Wanderer unconscious around 6 p.m. Wednesday. He died on scene, said Michael Carlson, Lyon County Sheriff’s Office Administration director. His death is believed to be a suicide.

An investigation is still pending, and Nevada Division of Investigations and Washoe County deputies have been called in to assist in the investigation and make sure all policies and procedures were followed correctly.

Since the detention center opened in 2013, there have been three suicides and three attempted suicides, officials said. Carlson said Sheriff Al McNeil is making efforts to deter future attempts by inmates.

“I will not kick this can down the road,” McNeil said in a press release. “I, as the Lyon County Sheriff assume all responsibilities for this detention facility and its operations. Collectively, we, the leadership of this county are committed to finding reasonable solutions as it relates to inmate safety and mental health concerns.”

Due to these concerns, McNeil has restored the position to man the control room tower that overlooks each cell bay. This was reduced due to budget cuts.

The original building contractor has been called to retrofit the cells with measures that will increase inmate safety. This project will begin Monday.

“Transparency is one of the cornerstone philosophies of my administration,” McNeil said. “We must identify the problem or problems and make corrections accordingly. And I am not talking about quick fixes, but long term solutions.”


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