Well Health Quality Care launches healthcare operating system

par8o, Healthcare’s Operating System, announced that WellHealth Quality Care (WellHealth), Nevada’s first accountable care network, has launched the company’s EMR-agnostic platform to provide a seamless transition-in-care process for all WellHealth members. par8o’s platform enables clinical coordination across the network in order to enhance the member experience, manage costs and deliver high-quality care.

WellHealth is the latest of a growing number of organizations in Nevada to adopt par8o, with others including the largest employer in the state, MGM Resorts.

“WellHealth is dedicated to providing our members access to a highly-qualified network of physicians,” said Dr. K Warren Volker, Chairman, and CEO of WellHealth Quality Care. “Physicians must be able to exchange health information easily in order to provide the best care possible, and par8o enables them to do so easily and effectively.”

WellHealth is partnering with payer groups such as the Nevada Health CO-OP to bring Nevada residents an efficient healthcare delivery system. WellHealth provides all medical specialties, from primary care and pediatrics, to neurosurgery and obstetrics. By utilizing the par8o platform, WellHealth’s network physicians will have a simplified workflow, ensuring that patients have access to the right physician at the right time.

“WellHealth is leading the way in quality based, efficient, and patient-centric health care initiatives,” said Nicole Flora, MD, Chief Medical Officer at the Nevada Health CO-OP. “The WellHealth provider network is composed of the area’s finest medical professionals, and by using par8o’s platform it is delivering high-quality, coordinated care to patients across the state.”

par8o’s Healthcare Operating System empowers healthcare organizations to optimize their networks of providers and other resources to deliver quality care by applying one of the most powerful and proven principles in economics: Pareto Optimization. This approach and the EMR-agnostic technologies par8o has developed to deploy it, are well-suited to the complex, multi-constituency nature of healthcare because they achieve continuous efficiency improvements while balancing the needs of all parties.

“Innovative new healthcare models, like WellHealth, are gaining a foothold in the industry, but there remains a significant need to bridge technology gaps to connect patients appropriately to the services they need, when they need them,” said Adam Sharp, MD, co-founder, President and CMO of par8o. “par8o provides a smarter application of technology that promotes easy communication between referring and receiving physicians. Together, par8o and WellHealth are moving toward a streamlined patient experience that is quality-driven and strategically focused.”

About WellHealth Quality Care

WellHealth Quality Care is Nevada’s first multi-specialty Accountable Care Network. Based on the principle of providing the very best in patient care, our network of hand-selected providers includes some of the area’s finest medical professionals dedicated to providing five-star, coordinated, and accountable care. Our integrated and quality-based network of collaborative physicians provides both patients and providers with a sophisticated, efficient and cost effective healthcare delivery system. For more information, visit WellHealthQC.com or call (702) 545-6116.

About Nevada Health CO-OP

The Nevada Health CO-OP is a not-for-profit health insurance alternative created under the Affordable Care Act administered by Nevadans for Nevadans. “Health Insurance Simplified” is the mission of the CO-OP. The not-for-profit is focused on creating a simple member-owned and operated health plan that works easily for patients, doctors, employers and the community. Headquartered in the heart of Las Vegas, the CO-OP serves the Nevada community directly with great understanding of the needs of the people, particularly among diverse populations and small businesses trying to find access and provide healthcare coverage. To learn more, please visit the CO-OP at www.nevadahealthcoop.org or call 702-823-COOP (2667).

About par8o

par8o is a venture-backed, EMR-agnostic platform that creates a common point for coordinating care delivery and plan design, a technology that connects providers, payers, and patients. par8o is a cloud-based healthcare operating system enabling all parties to improve care and optimize towards several clinical and business goals in parallel rather than to the detriment of one another. par8o helps clients succeed by applying Pareto Optimization, a powerful economic principle that succeeds because it is well suited to the complex, multi-constituency nature of healthcare. Simply put, par8o helps organizations match the right patient to the right resource at the right time, ensuring that patients successfully transition to the next step in their care. To learn more about par8o, please visit www.par8o.com.


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