Fallon man sentenced in DUI crash

A Fallon man was sentenced up to five years in prison for slamming into another driver while drunk in December.

Miguel Tapia received a sentence of 19-60 months for one count of driving under the influence causing substantial bodily harm after crashing into Larry Cardoza, who suffered a broken leg.

Churchill County Chief Deputy District Attorney Lane Mills described the incident as Tapia smashed into Cardoza. He had a blood-alcohol content of .19, more than two times the legal limit, and was blacked out from the time he left his friend’s home until Tapia was being transported to the hospital.

Mills said the silver lining was an off-duty Churchill County Sheriff’s deputy was driving past the scene and dragged Cardoza away from his vehicle. Mills described Cardoza’s pain as the “most blood curdling scream” as he was assisted across the road.

Mills also detailed Tapia’s past including a lengthy juvenile record, which began in 2001. Tapia’s adult record commenced in 2013 with a battery conviction and also includes a previous DUI.

Tapia’s attorney, Charles Diaz, argued for probation and the DUI Divsersion Program stating his client has taken steps to turn his life around and care for his young child.

Despite Diaz’s pleas and letters sent to the court from friends and family, Tapia was given a prison sentence.

In other court news —

A 27-year old Fallon woman was sentenced to the Diversion Program and placed on three years probation following a series of incidents last year.

Nicole Galdarisi received the punishment for one count of possession of a stolen motor vehicle and fraudulent act concerning gaming.

Galdarisi admitted to being addicted to drugs and altered a gaming ticket to claim a larger win and also held a rental car in possession without paying the rental company.

Her attorney, Byron Bergeron, though, said his client used a friend to rent the car because of Galdarisi’s bad credit. The friend, Amanda Brough, did not pay Avis Rental Car for the vehicle, although Galdarisi was the one in possession.

Deputy DA Brandon Gardner argued Galdarisi deceived Brough and he left the with damage.

Galdarisi was also ordered to pay more than $4,700 in restitution.

A 19-year old Reno man was ordered to the Diversion Program stemming from a drug arrest last year.

Chance Memmo and two co-defendants were arrested on their way back from the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. A search of the vehicle revealed bath salts in the car, which a fingerprint on one container later identified Memmo.

Deputy DA Michael Winn said a drug test revealed Memmo had consumed a combination of methamphetamine, MDMA, marijuana and cocaine. The quantity discovered in the vehicle was “trafficking amounts” Winn said.

Memmo’s attorney, Ken Lyon III, said his client admitted responsibility, although he was not the one trafficking the drugs. Nevertheless, Memmo told the court he has undergone a substance abuse evaluation, enrolled in college and is employed.


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