Theater class presents ‘Anna of Avonlea’

Cast members from the production of "Anne of Avonlea" practice their lines on Thursday.

Cast members from the production of "Anne of Avonlea" practice their lines on Thursday.

The Churchill County High School Theater 2,3,4 class will present “Anna of Avonlea” — based on the book by L.M. Montgomery adapted for the stage by Joseph Robinette.

“Anne of Avonlea” will be presented on May 22 and 23 at the CCHS Theater at 7 p.m. Admission is $4 for adults, $3 for CCHS students, and $2 for younger students and Sr. Citizens.

This delightful, enchanting sequel to this fall’s production of “Anne of Green Gables” continues the exciting adventures of one of literature’s most enduring characters, Anne Shirley.

From her first days as a young teacher to her departure for Redmond College, we are reacquainted with such old friends as Marilla Cuthbert, Rachel Lynde, Diana Barry and Gilbert Blythe. We also meet many new ones: a cantankerous neighbor, Mr. Harrison (and his offstage parrot!); the irrepressible twins, Dora and Davy; and Anne’s lively, but (usually) lovable, high-spirited students.

Rejoin Anne and enjoy the embarrassment of mistakenly selling Mr. Harrison’s cow, the anxiety of her first day teaching school and the humorous essay-writing assignment. There are also flashbacks to Anne’s young life and how she came to live at Green Gables.

Cast members include Megan Whittington as Anne Shirley, Brynne Christie as Marilla Cuthbert, William Copley as Gilbert Blythe, Valarie Hennessy as Rachel Lynde, Ellie O’Flaherty as Diana Barry, Jacob Bake as Mr. Harrison, Dwen Davis as orphanage Coordinator and Mrs. Catherine Andrews, Hunter Drost as Mr. Shearer, Karissa Gallaher as Annetta Bell, Jonny Manley as Joseph Sloane, Josh Schie as Daniel Blair, Ethan Smith as Fred Wright, Ashley Soest as Prilly Rogerson, Jamison Ucci as Paul Irving, Ryan Ware as Davy Keith, Alexi Wassmuth as Young Anne and Dora Keith, Emma Bake as Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. Donnell, Sherry Nash as Mrs. Hammond and Jane Andrews, April Cervantes as Clarice Almira Donnell, Jessica Goudswaard as Mrs. Thomas, Elijah Southfield as Anthony Pye and Andrew Pettit as Ginger the Parrot. Directors have included Ali Tedford, Emma Bake, Glen Perazzo and Brynne Christie.


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