Fernley falls to Fallon

Cameron Beyer, right, of Fallon tackles Fernley's Ren Arroyo.

Cameron Beyer, right, of Fallon tackles Fernley's Ren Arroyo.

The Greenwave varsity football team won its first-round playoff game in a rematch against the Fernley Vaqueros Friday night.

The Wave triumphed at 49-6 and will move on to face the Chaparall Cowboys at home on Saturday at 1 p.m.

Fernley started Ren Arroyo at quarterback this game instead of Kyle Throckmorton who ran the ball. Arroyo was sacked on his first possession by the Wave’s TJ Mauga, who would have a number of tackles later on.

Like in their previous game, Fernley was able to fight for a first down on their first round of possession until the Vaqueros’ Kenan McDonald was tackled by the Wave’s Cameron Beyer at the Wave’s 47-yard line and Fallon recovered.

Vercellotti made the first run to a second and seven, brought down by the Vaqueros’ Sam Ramirez who had his number in their previous game as well.

What would have been the first touchdown of the game, a 55-yard run by the Wave’s Brock Uptain, was called back after a holding penalty called against Fallon.

After Throckmorton intercepted Fallon quarterback Connor Richardson at the 25-yard line during the Wave’s next possession, Arroyo tried to run the ball but was sacked by the Wave’s Johnny Mayo, leading to a turnover for Fallon in no time.

After two runs by Cade Vercellotti, luck teased Uptain, who had two near-touchdown catches in the end zone.

Vercellotti would be the first on the board, however, running up the middle for a 5-yard touchdown.

The Wave led at 7-0 after the kick by Riley Williams with 3:51 left in first quarter.

Vercellotti leads the Wave in rushing yards at an even 900 thus far, followed by Trae Workman who has surged ahead to 354 yards rushing despite recovering from an injury early in the season.

Though behind in rushing yards, Uptain leads the Wave in receiving yards at 723.

After Arroyo was sacked by the Wave’s Mike Porras, Mayo recovered a fumble by Fernley at its own 14-yard line.

Fallon’s Connor Nelson had a near touchdown run but was knocked out of bounds at the goal line by Throckmorton.

Despite an encroachment penalty that cost the Wave 5-yards, Mayo caught a touchdown pass with 1:52 left that lifted the Wave up to 14-0 after a kick by Williams, where the first quarter score would end.

Early in the second quarter, Richardson ran for a touchdown from the 36-yard line that was called back due to a penalty.

This wouldn’t prevent the Wave from scoring early, though, when Uptain finally caught for a successful touchdown pass from Richardson.

After the game, Richardson has thrown for 30 touchdowns this season for 2,262 yards.

Fernley blocked Williams’ first kick, but Williams received a second chance thanks to a penalty and it was good, bolstering the Wave at 21-0 with 10:26 left in the second period.

Fernley’s possession wouldn’t last after tackles from Porras, Mayo and Mauga. Mayo has 62 tackles for the year, and Mauga at 65 leads the team. Evan Bitter is third with 60.

The Wave wouldn’t hold the ball long either, however, with an uneventful series resulting in a turnover.

The Vaqueros took the ball with 5:17 left in the second quarter. Throckmorton was brought down with no yards gained by the Wave’s Evan Bitter, but Throckmorton would intercept a pass with 2:21 left and give Fernley another chance to get on the board before the end of the first half.

Throckmorton was unable to follow through and after an incomplete pass, the Wave took back the ball with 1:16 left.

Nelson caught a touchdown pass, a 27-yard strike by Richardson with 18 seconds left in the half, putting Wave ahead at 28-0.

The second half began with the Wave maintaining their momentum, and Nelson scoring his second touchdown of the game at 10:44 as the Wave surged to 35-0.

Fernley would lose a fumble, but after the Wave’s Trae Workman was tackled and Richardson threw incomplete passes to Uptain and Nelson, the Vaqueros took over with Matt Taylor being tackled by Williams at the 20-yard line.

Soon after, Aaron Bitter intercepted Arroyo’s pass and the Wave took the ball at their own 35-yard line with 5:45 left in the third quarter.

Evan Bitter then followed suit, running a pass by Richardson past the 50 for a first down.

Fernley seemed to be getting more tired of Uptain, though, who caught a pass from Richardson and ran it to the 10-yard line until he was narrowly pushed out of bounds by Fernley’s AC Reyes.

Richardson kept the ball up the middle and was dropped short of the goal at 3:50. Vercellotti ran for the next Wave touchdown, two yards that lifted Fallon to 42-0 at the end of the third quarter.

Fernley fought for its only touchdown of the game in the beginning of the fourth quarter with a pass to Willie Pritchard who ran it in from the 30-yard line.

The kick to follow was no good, leaving the Vaqueros behind but on the board at 42-6.

Fallon wasn’t done scoring either, however, and Workman ran for one more touchdown to end the game at 49-6.


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