Cutting edge dentistry for dogs

I was at the dog park the other day when Riley came to play. Riley is a big Labradoodle who is a cute as he can be. It seems that Riley and his brother Benson were rough housing like siblings do and Riley’s tooth was broken. He was taken to Reno where there is a veterinarian who specializes in dentistry for dogs.

Riley underwent a root canal, which saved his tooth. I find this absolutely amazing and was more than interested in finding out about this doctor’s practice. The veterinarian who treated Riley is John Koehm, who practices at Sierra Veterinarian Specialists in Reno. I had no idea that there were dental specialists for dogs. The services you can get include endodontic needs, crowns and orthodontics for your pets.

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to keep Watson’s teeth clean and his breath smelling fresh. So far I have been an absolute failure. I did buy toothbrushes and liver-flavored toothpaste, but I haven’t been very successful in getting his teeth scrubbed. Fortunately, there is a video that teaches you how to become a successful dog-teeth cleaner.

If you are interested in keeping your dog’s teeth clean and healthy, check out the video at http://; just click “Videos” and then choose “Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth.” The video is great, and I have found the method easier than the one I have been using.

I am now a lot closer to keeping my New Year’s resolution. However, be careful not to get your toothpaste mixed up with your dog’s. There is nothing like a toothbrush loaded with liver-flavored toothpaste to wake you up. Take it from me it’s a mistake you want to make only once.


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