One arrested after car chase starting in Fernley

The Lyon County Sheriff’s Office arrested one person following an hour long pursuit in Fernley Sunday night.

Deputies attempted to initiate a traffic stop at 4:40 p.m. near the 300 block of Sanida Drive when the suspect, identified as 34-year-old Joseph Williams of Sparks, fled the scene. Deputies had suspected Williams of driving under the influence.

Williams lead deputies on a pursuit for nearly an hour through Fernley, I-80, Highway 447 and onto Pyramid Lake Tribal lands. The incident ended near Soaring and Wildwood streets when a Tribal law enforcement officer’s vehicle collided with the suspect vehicle.

Williams was arrested on scene and charged with DUI, felony assault on a peace officer with a deadly weapon, battery on a police officer with a deadly weapon, reckless driving, felony eluding and hit and run charges. No bail has been set at this time.

Law enforcement from Lyon County, Nevada Highway Patrol and Pyramid Lake Tribal Police were all involved in the incident.

During the chase, two law enforcement vehicles were damaged when the suspect allegedly intentionally rammed into their cars. Williams also hit numerous parked cars and electrical boxes as well as caused several peripheral accidents that are currently under investigation. However, there are no reports of any injuries related to this pursuit.

There also were reports of a weapon being discharged by a citizen during the pursuit which also is under investigation.

The incident still is under investigation due to the large area covered and the time it took to subdue the arrestee.

The LYSO investigators are asking anyone with any information or who have property damage regarding this case to contact the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office at 775-577-5023 or 775-463-6620.


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