The City of Fallon has issued the following business licenses in September 2015.

Amanda Brook Allen; Tax/Accounting; Bu: 40 East Center Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: 5950 Hooper Place; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-351-8591; Owner: Amanda Brook Allen.

Des Alps (Silva Partners, Ltd.); Food; Bu & Ma: C/O 125 East Center Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-386-2577; Owner: Silva Partners, Ltd.

DJB Cakery; Food; Bu: 1525-K West Williams Avenue; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: 5430 Cox Road; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-217-2513; Owners: Gary & Silvana Henderson.

Maid 2 Shine; Cleaning; Bu: 981 Mark Avenue; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: P.O Box 5114; Fallon, Nevada, 89407-5144; 775-297-6267; Owner: Elim Henderson.

Therepeutic Hands Massage Therapy; Massage; Bu: C/O 67 Whitaker Lane; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: 3091 Casey Road; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-217-0876; Owner: Christina Hitchcock.

Vertical Vantage, Inc.; Home Inspections; Bu & Ma: 5600 Caleb Drive; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 541-727-1286; Owner: Lacey Szekely.

Whiskers & Tails Pet Services; Animal; Bu & Ma: 2680 Lone Tree Road; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 360-620-2559; Owner: Patricia Cuevas-Scalice.

Wild West Chevrolet; Auto; Bu: C/O 1560 West Williams Avenue; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: 750 West Goldfield Avenue; Yerington, Nevada, 89447; 775-463-3456; Owner: Donald Lindberg.

Closed Business

Malima, LLC, dba Motel 6; 1705 South Taylor Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406.

Rising Sun Gallery; 203 South Maine Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406.

Churchill County has issued the following business licenses in 2015.

Amanda M. Hammond; Bookkeeping; Bu: 1704 Allen Road; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: P.O Box 2112; Fallon, Nevada, 89407-2112; 775-423-0350; Owner: Amanda M. Hammond.

Cho Consulting; IT Consulting; Bu: 605 Sunrise Terrace; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: P.O Box 1166; Fallon, Nevada, 89407-1166; 714-858-1141; Owner: Mark Cho.

Electric Tech Construction, Inc; Construction; 1910 Mark Court; Concord, California, 94520; 925-849-5324; Owner: Electric Tech Construction, Inc.

Gailyn Massey; Dog Grooming; Bu & Ma: 3371 Della Circle; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 602-904-0753; Owner: Gailyn Massey.

Independent Power Contractor; Solar Contractor; 3545 Airway Drive #103; Reno, Nevada, 89511; 775-331-0228; Owner: Grace Caldwell.

J&J Mini Storage; Self-Storage Facility; Bu: 601 Gummow Drive; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: 625 Drumm Lane; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-423-6010; Owners: Steven and Carrie Montana.

Nevada Johns, LLC; Portable Restrooms and Site Services; Bu: 71 Carry Way; Carson City, Nevada; Ma: 50 Washington Street #1000; Westborough, Massachusetts, 01581; 508-594-2639; Owner: United Site Services.

Nevada State Maintenance Contractor; Handyman Service; Bu & Ma: 1595 Golden Park Way; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-217-4791; Calvin Johnson.

Reno Patio & Fireplaces; Construction; Bu & Ma: 910 Glendale Avenue; Sparks, Nevada, 89431; 775-348-9600; Owner: Taylor Richard.

Stillwater Gaming, LLC; Slot Route; 562 North Maine Street; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-423-3101; Owner: Stillwater Gaming, LLC.

Whiskers & Tails Pet Services; Pet Services; Bu & Ma: 2680 Lone Tree Road; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-360-620-2559; Owner: Patricia Cuevas-Scalice.

Yoga with Sally; Yoga Instruction; Bu & Ma: 2770 Carol Drive; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-813-1943; Owner: Sally Taylor.

Churchill County has terminated the following businesses in September 2015.

Alpine Home Inspections, LLC; Home Inspections; Bu & Ma: 1025 Airport Road; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-427-1336; Owner: Bryce Hornby

The Fallon Senior Pro Rodeo; Rodeo; Bu: 99 & 223 Sheckler Road; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; Ma: 3985 Sheckler Road; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-867-2155; Owner: Ella Whitmer-President.

Maleta’s Connective Massage; Massage; Bu & Ma: 3404 Old River Road; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-682-0167; Owner: Maleta Lavery.

Red Wine and Wood Creations; Retail Sales and Wood Craft Products; Bu & Ma: 4188 Hiskett Lane; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-217-2168; Owner: Cheryl De Golyer.

Robinson Equipment Repair; Small Equipment Repair; Bu & Ma: 840 Lazy Heart Lane; Fallon, Nevada, 89406; 775-666-5486; Owner: Wayne Robinson.

Signature Landscapes, LLC; Landscape; Bu & Ma: 3705 Baron Way; Reno, Nevada, 89511; 775-857-4333; Owner: Attn: Licensing Compliance.

Note: A closed or terminated business may also be the result of a change in ownership, a name change, a lapse in renewal or relocation.


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