Carson City Leisure Hour Club hosting Al Sheehan Sept. 16

Carson City's Al Sheehan will be featured at the next Leisure Hour Club meeting.

Carson City's Al Sheehan will be featured at the next Leisure Hour Club meeting.

Al Sheehan, a long-time Carson City resident and retired Pam Am supervisor and trainer, will share his insights into the many unusual situations which he detailed in his book, “The Autobiography of Alfred Sheehan,” on Wednesday, Sept. 16.

When was the last time your flight diverted off course to show passengers sights along the way? Do you remember when connecting flights were late, other flights waited for them? What about no security checks, comfortable seats, and good meals? Sheehan flew when flying was fun, pleasurable and people dressed to fly.

Sheehan was born just outside Grants Pass, Oreg., on a dairy farm. His interest and love for flying began when Clyde Pangborn (an old barnstormer) landed at the local fairgrounds with his Waco Biplane. As a five-year old, Sheehan begged for a ticket. Pangborn told Al’s mother that he would give them two tickets if she would go up with Al. They went out to the fairgrounds on Saturday and took a ride over the city. Pangborn flew around making steep turns and bird dips for about 20 minutes. From that day on Mr. Sheehan’s head was in the clouds.

In March 1943, he volunteered for the armed services and chose Army Air Corp (U S Air Force did not come into being until 1947). He won his wings in September 1944 and was assigned to fly bombers. After World War II, he worked for Spartan Aircraft Company in Tulsa as an instructor training students in engines, electrical systems, hydraulics and instruments.

Subsequently, he encountered a Pan Am representative who was hiring flight engineers. He was hired and spent the next 30 years with Pan Am, serving mostly as a supervisor.

If you would like to attend this event, call Dorothy Link at 775-885-2542 no later than Thursday, Sept. 10, to make a reservation. The meeting is preceded by a buffet dinner at 6:30 p.m. in the Carson Nugget Capitol Ballroom. Reservations for dinner are required.

The Leisure Hour Club, established in September of 1896, is Carson City’s oldest continuously operating social organization. Now beginning the celebration of its 119th year, the organization continues to focus on its goal of promoting knowledge on important issues, science, music and literature.


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