David Torres sentenced to maximum 4 years in prison for assault

David Torres was sentenced to 19-48 months in prison for assault on a peace officer in Carson City District Court Tuesday morning.

Torres was arrested May 24 after deputies responded to reports of a man threatening to throw his infant into a swimming pool near the 400 block of Saliman Road. Upon the arrival of deputies, Torres threw a bicycle at two officers before leading deputies on a foot pursuit across 5th Street where he was cornered in the Juvenile Detention grounds and threatened officers by pretending he had a gun in his waistband and yelling “bang” as he pretended to pull it out. One deputy, injured during the incident, was placed on medical leave for a year.

The defense attorney said Torres denied making the threat to throw his infant in the pool and throwing the bicycle at officers. The defense tried to argue alcohol played a factor and Torres was not in the right mind-set, resulting in him panicking about going back to prison when authorities showed up.

According to the prosecuting attorney, Torres has an extensive criminal history with crimes dating back to 2007 including battery, sexual assault, drug charges and domestic violence.

The prosecuting attorney recommended the judge sentence him to 19-48 months in prison.

“It is the only thing for Torres to be responsible for his behavior and the terror he caused his family,” said Melanie Porter, prosecuting attorney.

Torres asked the judge for probation and said he would bend over backward to complete the probation because he wanted to be out to help support his family.

“I would just like to be given the opportunity to provide for my family, they mean everything to me,” said Torres. “My record is bad, but I am a good person. I know I can do it.”

The judge followed Porter’s recommendation and sentenced Torres the maximum sentence for assault on a police officer, a category D felony, claiming the factors of his criminal history and the circumstances of the offense were too great.

Torres began crying when the sentence was announced.


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