View from the Past

100 Years Ago

Fallon is to have a new fire alarm system. The city council decided to order an electric siren from the Julius Pearse Fire Department Supply Co. of Denver. The apparatus costs $225 and will be operated by a two-horse motor. It is claimed that the unearthly screeching noise of the siren can be heard for five miles and pierces the atmosphere so effectually that it overcomes all opposition.

Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, April 8, 1916

Chief of Police J.M. Smitten had a lively chase after a would-be bad man last Sunday. A fellow got too much aboard and became rather obnoxious. He was warned by the chief of police, and after getting on his horse, continued his rowdyism. Chief Smitten mounted his saddle horse and went after the man, who started out of town on Maine street at a good gallop, waving his hat for the police to come on. It was a merry chase to the sand hill south of town, and on to the Experimental Farm. In the meantime the chief ordered an auto into service to corner his man near the Coatney Ranch. The fellow showed fight and riding up to Mr. Smitten, threatened to tear his head off. But the chief was taking care of that part of his anatomy, and when the man came near enough, got in the first blow striking the fellow over the head with his pistol, which was discharged at the same instant. A moment later, the man found himself looking down the barrel of the gun. He concluded it was better to surrender and return to town. Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, April 8, 1916

75 Years Ago

The total tax rate in the town of Fallon for 1941 will be up 1.6 cents on the $100 valuation, as compared with $4.94 last year…What they believe is an extension of the Dan Tucker vein is the ledge Roy Durbin and Joe Brinsko have located west of the Dan Tucker property being operated by Summit King Mines. Float found nearby showed high assays in gold and silver…In De Soto you have 105 horsepower at your command, yet De Soto’s low priced at $898! Price quoted is for a big De Soto DeLuxe Coupe delivered at Detroit, Michigan.

The Fallon Standard, Wednesday, April 9, 1941

50 Years Ago

Mrs. Minnie Blair of the Spudnut Shop & Mrs. Yvonne Saddler, president of Friends of the Library are reading copies of the “Nevada Adventure,” a book by Dr. James W. Hulse. He will be honored at a tea at the Spudnut Shop, hosted by Bill and Helen Millward, celebrating National Library Week in Churchill County. Mayor Jack Tedford affixed the “seal of approval” to his proclamation of April 17 – 23 as National Library Week in Fallon accompanied by Mrs. Dora Witt, county librarian.

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Friday, April 15, 1966

From the Past….Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives, researched and compiled by Margo Weldy, Churchill County Museum assistant.


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