Letters to the editor for Saturday, April 9, 2016

Al Kramer for Assembly District 40

As Republican primary voters in Assembly District 40 well know, the Republican Party has been infiltrated with posers who run as anti-tax small government conservatives but, once in office, vote like Democrats.

District 40’s incumbent voted for a massive tax package in the last legislative session, including the onerous Commerce Tax. Assembly 40 candidate Al Kramer is cosponsoring the petition to recall the Commerce Tax that would force all Nevadans with business income to go through its tedious and complex filing process even if no tax is owed. Whether you make a couple hundred dollars selling crafts or rent out a room, there are no filing exceptions. Even tiny businesses will need to keep a second set of books since the definition of income differs from the IRS.

It’s critical that voters support retired Carson City Treasurer Al Kramer for Assembly 40. Mr. Kramer is the only candidate who has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and has the qualifications to force a tax rollback and block further job-killing tax hikes.

Lois Bock


Avoid driving like a zombie

Are we driving like zombies? A lot of things are on our minds during the day, are you concentrating on your driving like you should be? From picking up children from various activities to making scheduled appointments, is your focus on driving or just the destination that you are trying to reach?

With all that you have to do on a daily basis, do you find yourself staring off into the distance with a blank look on your face as you travel down the roadway only to be suddenly jolted awake when you realize you nearly struck another vehicle or pedestrian? If so, you may be driving like a zombie.

Where your concentration needs to be is on the road ahead, paying attention to the traffic and activities around you. It is easy to get distracted; even on the best of days. Talking on your cell phone while driving draws your attention away as well. Texting while driving may not seem like a zombie state of mind; however, are you really focusing on driving?

Slowing down, taking your time and organizing your day will help get your mind and focus where it needs to be when driving. Your full concentration needs to be on operating your vehicle in a safe manner.

You share the road with many others including motorcycle riders, bicyclists, pedestrians and sometimes zombie drivers. By staying alert and concentrating on the task at hand, you can avoid crashes and reach your destination safely.

Sgt. Scott McDaniel

Carson City Sheriff’s Office


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