Letters to the editor for Tuesday, April 12, 2016

School voucher law is constitutional

Regarding the letter from Rick Van Alfen, I would like to point out to Mr. Van Alfen and others who may have the same misunderstanding of the voucher program, that the program is not government funding of religious education. The program is religion-neutral, in that the money can be used for a variety of venues, as the recipients see fit.

The fact that religious/private schools typically return far better academic results for less money certainly may guide the choices of the parents, but please don’t make this into some kind of constitutional issue by crying wolf about “government-sponsored religion.” That is not the case here.

Dave Telling

Carson City

Jim Shirk for Ward 4 Supervisor

I would like to comment on an article in the paper on Sunday, April 3, titled “Local Republicans make their case.”

John Barrette was quoted as saying: “It’s disappointing the local Republican party process for evaluating candidates for Carson City supervisor, a non-partisan office, excludes people running for the position who are registered as non-partisan candidates.”

John, you were not invited because you are not a registered Republican. You show up to a Republican Party endorsement process thinking it’s a barn dance because it’s in a big room? Go whine to your board buddies. Jim Shirk for Ward 4 Supervisor!

Sunni Enciso



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