Carson City deputies are sworn in

Reserve Sheriff Daniel Gelbman and his 2 1/2-year-old son Daxton at Thursday's swearing in ceremony.

Reserve Sheriff Daniel Gelbman and his 2 1/2-year-old son Daxton at Thursday's swearing in ceremony.

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office obtained nine new deputies Thursday night.

Sheriff Ken Furlong swore in seven Reserve Deputies, a Mounted Unit deputy and a new full-time deputy in a ceremony in the Ormsby Room at the Sheriff’s Office.

“We look at this moment in our careers when we get our badges pinned on, and it is something we never forget,” Furlong said.

The deputies recited their Oath of Office in two groups because there were so many deputies and Furlong wanted to make sure all the family members got the opportunity to get good pictures of the badge pinning.

“This really is a family event,” Furlong said.

The new Reserve Deputies include: Ramon Montiaivo, Meri Jessop, Juan Echeverria, Tulio Marroquin, Kyle Smith, Daniel Gelbman and Joshua Valdes, who’s also an active duty Marine.

“The Reserve program allows me to get the hands on experience that no other program would,” said Smith. “I am excited to be a part of this program and stand next to these brave and proud men and women.”

One unique characteristic of this group of Reserves is three of the new Reserve Deputies are Spanish speaking, which will be extremely important with the large Hispanic population in Carson City so the officers can better assist all citizens.

“Having three more Spanish speaking deputies is critical for us,” Furlong said. “The diversity in this group is fantastic. This is truly a fantastic moment.”

Along with the Reserves, the Sheriff’s Office also swore in new Mounted Unit officer Donna Robinson and their new full-time deputy Jordan Hadlock. Hadlock will go through the CAT 3 academy at the end of the month before starting work at the Carson City Jail.

“I am very excited, it’s a privilege to be here and I am excited to get to work,” Hadlock said.

“(I wanted to become a police officer because) It has been a goal of mine to serve others and it was the right time, the right calling and it felt like the right thing to do.”


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