View from the Past

100 Years Ago

J.L. Keyser, an Elko undertaker, has purchased an auto hearse. Formerly, about the only horses in an Elko funeral procession were those used to pull the hearse but they will no longer be allowed this privilege…One of the first people in Reno to speak by telephone to the Atlantic coast is Mrs. May Malcolm, who recently spoke to friends in New York. The talk lasted three minutes and cost $17…Miss Marie Hayes, sister of Mrs. J.W. Flood, is here on a visit. A vaudeville company with which she is connected is to appear at the Rex Theatre in the near future. Churchill County Eagle, Saturday, April 29, 1916

75 Years Ago

You say the rural community of Fallon and the surrounding farming area is better or not as good as average in this country? Have you ever applied a scientific yardstick to it? Dr. Edward L. Thorndike, of Colombia University, has ten items which, in his considered judgment, “will tell fairly well how the city stands.” His system determines the influence of wealth, family income, and the personal qualities of the people involved in community life. The system includes infant mortality, the relationship between education and recreational facilities, the presence of fifty acres of parks per 1,000 population and whether public property is in debt. School costs, educational opportunity, percentage of graduates, presence of libraries and number of 16–17 year old pupils are considered. It also includes telephones in use. Two families in three have telephones in some cities; in others, maybe one in eight. Experts include the number of homes using electricity as well. The Fallon Standard, Wednesday, April 30, 1941

The territory of Hawaii is to have milk from Newlands project milk cows, 62 of which are to be loaded on board a vessel at San Francisco, bound for the islands, on May 20. Mr. John Ruis, buyer for Hawaiian shipment, is accompanied on his buying trip by T.F. Farm, president and manager of the Service Cold Storage Co., Ltd., wholesale grocers and makers of “Ho-Min” ice cream, headquarters Honolulu. The Fallon Eagle, Saturday, April 26, 1941

50 Years Ago

Wham! Boom! Crash! Crunch! DA-DA-DA RATMAN! It’s the lady from “Hobby-Cave” calling! Now that we have your attention, guys and gals, it’s time to prepare for Mother’s Day. Let’s forget the candy this year and concentrate on Mother’s hobby! Happy Mother’s Day!

Fallon Eagle-Standard, Friday, April 15, 1966

Phil D. Barrel has made his debut on Nevada highways in an effort to curb the litterbug problem. The new markers are placed near roadside rests and disposal facilities. The attractive signs are a real eye-catcher for travelers…the Coffee Shop at the remodeled Nevada Bank Club will open Saturday, managed by Carrie Hyde and owned by Rob Knight. The Shop features wood-paneled walls, bright orange chairs and benches. Fallon Eagle-Standard, April 29, 1966

From the Past….Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives, researched and compiled by Margo Weldy, Churchill County Museum assistant.


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